Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Lord and Lady Davis at the End

Matilda wrung the dust cloth and sighed.  “Get to work, girl,” she mumbled to no one, since the house rang with emptiness. 


Starting in the kitchen, Matilda reached behind the dry goods, retrieving the boxes of rat poison and bottles of potassium chloride.  “No one needs these anymore!” she exclaimed cheerfully.

She moved on to the bathrooms used by the late Lady and Lord Davis, taking the arsenic bottles, and putting the real medicine  in their places.  “Poor souls! To be so ill at the late blossoms of life!” Lady Davis had passed to her eternal reward only a year or so ago.  There had been little mourning and much giggling at church during music and prayers for the late Lady Davis

Now again a year later, at the Presbyterian Church next day, the township were dressed in black, touching their eyes now and then with hankies.  Matilda sat in her customary place in back.  The Right Reverend Lancaster, retired, gave a very very brief sermon, and then praised loyal parishioners  for honoring his late lordship, Lord Davis. “Now, we shall attend the church potluck, after attending to His Lordship’s request to be cremated.”

Outside, a roaring bonfire awaited pall bearers to throw the pine box into the flames.  As the fire leaped at the additional fuel, the cheers lifted as if one. “Take that, ye old *@$%^....”

Matilda smiled demurely as she was thanked over and over for her service.  Murder is a pleasure when one has lived a life of servitude to the Lord and His Ladyship

This is a re-post from August 8, 2013.  It was at my "How do I do this?" Not knowing the proper way to reference and honor anyone, I will do it now.  The words are from Delores, who started the Wednesday Words way back when.  Delores wanted bloggers to break from their WIP and get a fresh look after writing something unusual. Unfortunately, I didn't indicate the word in any way, but oh well, what can I say?

However, in my young blogging, days, I did not underline, bold, or italicize the words for readers to identify. Just look for strange words that are worked into sentences that seem a little odd.



  1. Nobody blogged perfect in the beginning.
    Sounds like Matilda did the whole town a favor.

  2. Yeah, beginning blogging was meh for many of us. Gotta watch those old hags haha

  3. Oh what fun.
    And I still don't highlight the words... I hope to just slide them into my story. I am sneaky like that. Or do I mean silly?

  4. A fun little story. I think it's clever how you writers can weave in a batch of words like that.

  5. Strange town to do the cremating themselves.

  6. This was interesting! I like the parishioners throwing the coffin on the bonfire. Lord and Lady Davis must have been really hard to put up with.


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