Friday, July 29, 2016

In the field, gently grazing...

There must a universal crazy goose theme to merit a bronze statuette.

This is a crazy goose story.  Apparently there are many of these stories around the world, which scares me a little.  Geese are universally crazy.

My brother Don was driving the tractor from one field down the road to our house.  As he passed Neighbor Jim’s field, he saw a drama developing.  Turning off the tractor, Don watched.

The field was spotted with grazing cows and a bull.  This bull was quite full of himself, with all those breeding cows.

Also in the field was a Canadian goose, injured with a shotgun pellet in its wing.  Not a serious injury, it could still fly across the field, but not all the way to South America.  At least for a few weeks when another “V” of geese flew overhead, crazy goose found shelter with the herd.

One thing about geese is that they eat grain, corn, and its relatives in any form they find it.  Cow patties are full of partially digesting grains, so the crazy goose followed the cows around and happily filled up on what was literally left behind.

cow patty
 The bull was offended.  He chased the goose away from his cows, strutting in triumph.  This happened again and again.  Crazy goose clearly had to do something.

As the bull grazed, crazy goose waddled up behind the bull.  Going between the hind legs, crazy goose positioned itself beneath the bull’s reason for living: the testicles.  With a well-placed nip, crazy goose hit those testicles with great accuracy.

The bull bellowed, reared and jumped, while crazy goose flew to the end of the field.

Gaining his composure, the bull settled down.  Crazy goose moved in for another strike.  This went on for a good thirty minutes. 

After numerous successful hits, crazy goose ventured up to a warm cow patty, finding some corn right on top.  The bull snorted and moved a good distance away from crazy goose.

An acceptable peace had been reached.  My brother Don started up the tractor and chuckled all the way home.

Sign says not to use door, or goose will attack you!:
Just for interest....

This is a re-post from March 12, 2012.  We are in the process of preparing to move and then move.
Escrow is hopefully closing today, and then all hell will break loose.  There won't be any posts for the first week of August, and possible the second week.  We won't have internet access for an unknown amount of time.

.  Warning: Geese are crazy.


  1. Blah, but I guess to each goose their own. We had a dog that would roll in cow patties every chance he got, blah again.

  2. Good luck as moving ramps up to insanity mode. Try not to emulate crazy goose if anyone annoys you. As they will.
    That goose was smaller than the bull, but no less powerful...

  3. We never had geese. Dad did not like them and it may have a story attached like the statue.

    Loved this story!!

  4. That must have been fun to watch; a very entertaining hour or two. I'm glad that the bull and goose reached an understanding though.

  5. Hi Susan - don't worry about the non-posting during moving! This story will keep us entertained for hours, if not days, or weeks or even the odd year!

    Good luck with the move and then happy settling ... cheers Hilary

  6. Geese are crazy. There's a family of them that live in the ponds near here, and they get downright hostile in the spring.

    Good luck on your move.

  7. My cousins have lots of cows roaming free on their land and from what I can gather theres one bull. Hes getting old too and I remember one night we had to round him up in the pitch blackness of the night. I think bull realized the show was up and decided to make a break for it. It took three of us to catch the crafty begger but when we did, wow! was he as mad as hell!


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