Friday, July 22, 2016

1979 with Fleetwood Mac and Tusk

New Year's Eve Ball dropping in Times Square:

Being able to dance is a wonderful.  Being able to dance skillfully and gracefully is truly a gift.  

Manzanita used her skill and love of dancing for the 2013 A-to-Z Blogfest.  Every day she shared a new dance and her experiences.  They were marvelous.

For one whose dreams alone allow me to dance, I confess that I am rhythmically impaired.  Two steps and I am lost.

But that does not take away the joy of dancing, of watching dancing.  The best dance ever done took place on New Year’s Eve, 1979. 

Our daughter was about 4 ½ and our son “Johnny” had just turned one.  We always threw a ‘big’ party with our small children on that day.  We let them stay up until almost 10 PM and eat all manner of party foods.  We put on our favorite music albums and artists, cranked the music up loud, and we danced.  We danced all over the house.

It was the Fleetwood Mac album when the real dance began. 

Fleetwood Mac in 1979, YouTube

While still not too steady on his feet and clothed in a simple diaper, Johnny was stunned by “Tusk”.  He held onto the coffee table, and he danced.  And boy, did he dance!  Perfect rhythm, into the music, shaking his head, singing as only a toddler can!

When the  sorta-free form drum solo kicked in, he stopped and waited for it to be over.  Then the music started again.  And Johnny broke into dance.

I have never looked at dancing the same.  And I still like the Tusk album.

Live, 2004 from YouTube

This is a re-post of November 6, 2013.  We are in the throes of packing and moving.  I hope you enjoy this re-post and leave a comment, but I can't make my own response.  Party on!


  1. Children all love to dance and isn't it wonderful to watch their movement and joy.

    Good luck with the move and I hope everything goes well.

  2. Can sure shake to a song as kids play along. Hopefully the move goes well.

  3. The precious spontaneity of children. Precious. All I can add to packing is Carry On and Stay Calm.

  4. I hope that Johnny (all the Johnnys) still dances. Something precious we lose too soon.
    I hope the move is going really, really well. And that you are not too tired. (Cue hysterical laughter at that point.)

  5. I remember my babies dancing similarly to whatever their current favourite was. They were older when Tusk came out, 6,4 and 2 and the youngest wasn't born yet. The two girls went on to do a few years of Jazz Ballet and the youngest, a boy, also did a year.

  6. Hi Susan - how wonderful to read ... great memories - and with a great song.

    Good luck with that packing - lots of happiness to look forward to ... cheers Hilary

  7. I remember the video for Tusk with the USC marching band. Before I knew what a marching band was. At that point I had no idea I'd be a part of one when I got to high school.

  8. Fleetwood Mac....what a fantastic band. I have many of their them all. Great! Great! Great! To dance to the music as if no one is watching (and who cares if they are) is a most wonderful thing. :)

  9. I am also rhythmically impaired. What a great way to put it.

    This is such a cute story! I love Fleetwood Mac and appreciate them more all the time. So many great songs. No wonder Johnny broke out dancing and singing. :)


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