Friday, January 29, 2016

Wed. Words: Secret Life of St. Dymphna

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One of many Irish Female Saints

The Ladies’ Auxiliary of St. Ann Church were engaged in vigorous debate 
about page 37 of “Secret Life of Saint Dymphna” when all hell broke loose.
Father Gary threw open the doors in a small book room, crying, “Someone has broken into our church hall!”

Caught between horror and mirth, all stood up, racing to the church hall. Auxiliary president, Mrs. Girth was last to take off running, the only one with mirth bubbling within, smiling at rear ends ahead of her.  Her thoughts were random and full of disdain.

Ha! Mrs. Garson! did not know anyone saw you having a romp with that handsome altar boy behind table skirts in this very room! …and Miss Maulder, you wretch!  Stealing holy wine, swigging it down after service! Really!  I could smell it on your breath!

The herd had reached the hall, each searching the room.  Mrs. Girth hung back, watching, smirking.

Ha! Ms. Barton!  No one knew that it was you who wolfed cartons of butter pecan and moose tracks ice cream…but I saw you.

The search revealed nothing.  The book club resumed, whispering and speculating. Mrs. Girth watched them, knowing that someday all truths would collide and she, as always, would be there to observe.

Litanies of St. Dymthna

The Wednesday Words meme was started by Delores at Under the Porch Light.  It has since been handed over to volunteers to present the writing prompts.  Six or twelve words, photo prompt, or a sentence prompt would be given to challenge bloggers to step beyond their genre. This month's word master is Randomosity.
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  1. haha have to watch who is watching you

  2. What a humourously realistic slice of life you've created with the prompts, huzzah!

  3. One of these days she's going to get hers...

    1. What goes around, comes around...I'm not sure what that means, though.

  4. Every town has a Mrs. Girth. One who knows all, but doesn't tell. Yet.

  5. Aha! 'Tis a great little tale you tell, Susan. :)


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