Friday, December 18, 2015

Wed. Words: Martin Van Buren O'Brien

I will not speak vernacular in class
Please check this site--about prohibiting children from speaking their native language.
Remnants of the original family stories trickle down generations.  As with all stories, there was truth and imagination interjected throughout.

Incredibly, family patriarch and provider of his large clan Martin Van Buren O’Brien spoke, said, and did every blessed thing the stories passed down insisted.

“The bastard was a spiteful old sinner…cranky does not begin to describe his temper…words that son of a bitch could say…Ireland would weep at the vernacular when Van exploded in one of his rages…

Actually, this is one of our family stones,
 and the head of the family was Martin.

Many more true tales hovered about.  Subsequently, at Martin Van Buren O’Brien’s interment, over six hundred town residents gathered around the grave to hear final words from the priest.

Then, one by one, each passed by the mound of dirt and spit on it.  Some spoke words in their own vernacular, expressing heart-felt wishes.  One frequently used phrase was “May you burn in hell, you…..”

This week's words were provided by River, who has given six words and/or prompt sentence  (which was quite interesting this week!).  Please pop over to her site and see what other bloggers have posted in her comment section, OR write your own poem, prose, story, etc.  Be sure to leave an address at River's site to allow us to find you!


  1. haha giving him what he enjoyed saying in life

  2. Every person has a different story. :)

  3. Love it. I suspect the residents went to the funeral to be sure he was dead as well as to spit on his grave.

  4. I'm rather glad I didn't know Martin, he seems to have been quite nasty.


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