Monday, November 2, 2015

998 vs. 915

Halloween was over, the chocolate candy consumed, and empty wrappers told the tale.
Only the good stuff was eaten, leaving mini-Lollipops, generic copies and Jolly Rogers in candy collecting containers. The order had been given to toss the losers away.
The challenge began when ten-year old Lily handed me a Cherry Mini-Lollipop, and kept the grape for herself.  “How many licks will it take to get to the chocolate center?”

We both looked at the candy on a stick, judged how small the round candy was, and made predictions.  Me: 75, Lily: 50.  How long would this competition take?  Me: 30 minutes, Lily (bravado of a 10 year old): 20 minutes, for sure.

Ready, steady, GO!
20 minutes in, I had done 120 (cherry). And Lily was up to 100.
25 minutes in, I was up to 200, and Lily was leading with 220.
30 minutes in, I had moved to 308, and Lily was all purple smiles at 315.

As the minutes mounted, my jaws cramped, the type of cramp one gets after eating a bag of Sweet Tarts.
We struggled with sore tongues.  “You’re going down, Grandma…”
600 to 582---653 to 690…would it ever end?

The end slipped in at 45 rough minutes.  Me: 915 and Lily: 998.

Lily danced around the kitchen, hands in the air, singing “Eye of the Tiger”.  Me?  I went to look into a mirror.  Sticking out my cherry red tongue, sweet and sour zones in the tongues had worked themselves raw.

Rule of tongue: eat all the chocolate stuff and dump the rest.  The Lollipops are not a single lick.

The rules of this are rather vague.  But I wouldn’t dare to contest them to a 10 year old dancing around the kitchen singing “Eye of the Tiger”, and knows all the words.


  1. Quite a challenge. And no, defeating a 10 year old is ungrandmotherly behaviour.

  2. I go for the chocolate every time!

    A delightful story.

  3. I would have cheated after 500 (or maybe 300) and just chomped into it. That was a good challenge and shows perseverance and a raw tongue.

  4. lol can't contest them to a ten year old singing eye of the tiger. Chocolate would be much easier.

  5. Chocolate and chips...anything else goes in the trash.

  6. Jolly Rogers are the good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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