Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wednesday Photo Prompt: Suzanne

from Elephant's Child
Suzanne straightened the review mirror, catching a look at her watery eyes.  This is it. Words filled her mind, as she turned the key and left the driveway.  What will happen? What if…

The country road was one lane, one long empty lane.  Suzanne had passed years on this road, knowing every bump and every curve. A lump filled her throat and tears slowly rolled down her cheeks…  She had never driven so far with such thoughts.

The side view mirror reflected her face and the road behind.  Never noticed those trees before…lush…green…

Suitcases in the back seat shifted and fell. Suzanne pulled over just as she approached the yellow Yield sign.  She turned the car off, shifted gear into neutral. The country road stopped at this main two-lane road. Yield?  Which direction?

Her reflections from rear view and side view mirrors questioned her.  She turned the key, put the car into gear, and stepped on the gas pedal.

Some very talented writers have given time and talent to challenge writers to take a leap away from other projects--be challenged by the prompts they create.  This week's photo prompts are from Susan at Of Every  Two very different photos are posted at Elephant's Child.  Please pop over and write something.  You may post it in her comment section or at your own site, linking it back to her.


  1. Finally getting out of town and away from it all. hopefully it all wasn't bad

  2. I do hope she finds what she needs...
    And the prompts last month were provided by Susan at Make Every Moment. Margaret Adamson and her friend Sue Fulton this month.

  3. Even I, as a non writer, could see somewhere for this prompt to go. Interesting.

    1. Leaving the question hanging lets the reader take it forward.

  4. Very good story beginning. Or ending. It could work as either.

  5. An ending and a beginning. Why is she leaving? Where will she go?
    Sadness and hope, so often tied together, and you've done it so well.

    1. Thanks, River. So much can be done with photo prompts.


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