Friday, September 11, 2015

WedWords: Mustangs


Rick answered the door bell with no expectations at all.  But when he saw the uniform he fought the urge to run, but this one wasn’t blue with a badge---just a postal worker holding out a UPS letter. 

Rick was told that this was a classified letter, First Class and it needed his signature on the green card to verify letter had been received. With shaking hands, Rick signed his name, taking the envelope.

Falling onto the stained couch, Rick cleared the beer cans and mirrors off the table in one sweep.  This is one serious letter, man.  Serious m….f….g serious.  Tearing the tab across cardboard, Rick pulled out a regular envelope.  Lookit!  My name typed ‘n everything!   Return address was a local Ford Dealer.  What the f#*)--Ford?

Then the letter…a real honest letter, with stuff about an award, with his personal number—03984…honored to win his very own 2016 MustangHoly crap!  This is real….
My own Mustang…no s*$^?...Rick dropped his head between his knees, contemplating throwing up or passing out.  Sure as h*&& did that last night—all over this dump.

Directions indicated prize winners… Winners?...were to check in by 2 pm today…Today? allow recipients time to tour the car lot filled with mustangs of all colors.  

The drawing would be…Today?  Rick stripped off stained torn clothes, found the cleanest spread over the floor, and raced out to his ‘cylce.  Start, dammit! Start! With a roar, off went Rick, off to pick out his own Mustang.

About twenty men roamed around the car lot filled with sharp cool fast Mustangs.  Rick joined them, each reverently touching cars from end to end, roof to undercarriage.  Hot sun baked each man, none cared;  After all…Mustangs!

When a bald man, gut hangin over his belt, called numbers, checking them off.  Nodding abruptly, he explained, “You guys!  Lissen up!  Your number called, you come up with your letter, and we’ll get outta this damn heat.  Inside we’ll make sure you’re who you say you are.” Nodding again, he called the first number.  “O4669?”

Gut guy and 04669 disappeared inside.  Minutes passed, Gut emerged, called out 06322, and the process went on until only Rick was left, clutching his letter, 03984, precious 03984. Letitbemeletitbeme…

Finally, 03984 was called.  His heart pounded in his chest, Here!  It’s my number.  The door opened into the show room, and Rick’s mouth all but dropped.  Lincoln, Mustangs…I could make big bucks lifting these…

But then, Rick was taken to another room, where a ring of badges anticipated his arrival.  One grabbed Rick, cuffed him, and read the Miranda Rights. 

A big white bus awaited him, filled with all the other award winners, grumbling and shocked.  Just like him.

Mustangs grew small as the bus drove away.  I coulda won the cool black one, with the racing stripe.  Yup, I woulda picked that one.

This story is actually true and has been used as a way to round up criminals with outstanding warrants.  Worked every time. The Simpson Show even had an episode with this idea.
Sorry this is sooooo long. Not my style at all.

This Wednesday, Make every moment count has posted 6 to 12 words to be used by any blogger who wish to enjoy a break from the serious stuff.  Use these words to write fiction, prose, poetry, flash fiction, etc.  Either post it on your own site and link it back to Every Moment or  make your addition to her blog site comment section.

The underlined bold italicized words are this week's words.  Hope you enjoyed how they were used.

Also, many thanks to Delores at Under the Porch Light who started this writing stir up, and to Elephant's Child who took up the the challenge. And also to River who grasped the baton to pass on, then to J. Blethers and now Every Moment.  Brave bloggers, talented and devoted.

Go on with it!  Fling yourself out into the unknown!


  1. haha good to know there aren't a lot of smart criminals. I read about them doing this a while back.

  2. Wonderful story. A few more bad guys off the street.

  3. I can remember reading about this ploy. Clever, and no violence. I do like people who think (and write) outside the box.
    Love your depiction of it. Thank you.

    1. Wouldn't it be something to watch?! Thanks for the compliment!

  4. I have seen this on television. Good way to get them to come in voluntarily! Excellent story. I'd sure show up for a Mustang! But oh dear, another challenge, will give it consideration too! :)

  5. You can do it, Yolanda. You have thrown out some great stuff.

  6. I did hear about that particular sting operation. Surprised it worked after it got so much publicity. (Not surprised it worked the first time, though.)

  7. They have done stings like this in my area also. I kind of feel sorry for the jerks.

    I never committed a crime. I guess thre will be no hope for a red Mustang in my life.

    1. Unless you win the Publishers' Clearing House? I am certain they will know on my door any day now.

  8. I did wonder a bit when Rick got an 'honest-to-goodness letter' because I've heard of this type of thing before.
    I still felt sorry for Rick though, hoping for a mustang, getting a jail cell.

    1. No sympathy here. Living his life in a dump, drinking and drugging--his chances are kinda slim.


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