Friday, July 4, 2014

What would you do??


Stretched out on the bed, ******* wondered if life could get much more boring than this.  

Anything…almost anything…would be better than this.

Every last vegetable in the garden that could be canned had been canned. In fact, the garden was a pile of pulled weeds. Yard was mowed.  Siding washed down.  Fence wire repaired.

The hogs were wearing down in the heat.  Which is why ***** was at home: to spray water over the hogs to cool them down.  

The slightest sound brought **** almost to the point of throwing furniture down the stairs or ripping down the laundry line.  

Is this what it feels to be insane, to lose my mind?

The parents were at a church committee meeting.  The older brothers had taken the truck to somewhere.  

That point seemed rather vague.

Lightening blew out the transformer yesterday, taking all the electricity with it.  No TV.   No one to phone.  No radio.   Nothing.

What do you think a bored teen (boy or girl) would do in this situation??  What would you do?


  1. I'm not sure what I would do...probably nap lol but then...I'm old.

  2. This seems to be a farm boy or girl given a responsibility, and I cannot imagine the child neglecting the hogs. I wonder how water will be sprayed without some electrical power to keep it moving.

  3. I'd go take a nap too. Or just write until my computer lost battery power

  4. I'd be reading. Which is what I did a lot as a teen anyway.

  5. Make a mud-wallow (and slide) for the hogs? Eat whatever has been put aside for the family lunch? Throw the possessions of the missing brothers on the roof? The possibilities are endless...

  6. You've described the point of isolation at which I generally amuse myself by whimpering at the window and chewing holes in the sofa, but that is typical of my species and does not indicate insanity.

  7. I'd be reading, but if I had to spray hogs too there would be an old fashioned oven timer to ding and remind me.

  8. I'd probably sleep a bit, and read a bit, and figure out how to spray the hogs, even if it meant hauling water from the dugout.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  9. If you've gotta stay home and cool down the pigs, you might as well grab a good book and get to reading. :)


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