Friday, July 18, 2014

Wednesday Words: Warts and All

Mammut americanum.jpg
Source: wikipedia. org.
Just the idea of a clandestine meeting thrilled Grace, whose life had been devoid of romance.  Living in a small town like Creeping Cove gave her few men options.  

Oh, there had been Stanley, whose discovery of a mastodon ten years ago had garnered moments of fame, but the mammoth warts on his nose and his face made him too garish and ugly for serious consideration.

Flat Warts on Face Flat Warts   Pictures on Face, Legs, Hands and Treatment

As Grace climbed down the stones to the cove, a familiar voice called out to here, “Over here!”  Grace followed the voice where a couple walked hand in hand. 

“Stanley?....” Grace gasped as she came close to the handsome man.

Stanley smirked, irony dripping with each word, “After the mastodon, I went on to discover other incredible finds.  The money allowed me to have several surgical procedures.  And this is Alice, my surgeon and my wife.”  

He paused.  “I just wanted to thank you for your kindness to me before my success. If only you could have accepted me, warts and all..."

Alice and Stanley walked away, wart-less and happy.

Grace climbed back up the rocks, cursing all the way.

Delores at Under the Porch Light faithfully posts 6 words (sometimes very odd words) as a prompt for a genre of your choice.  This week Delores also provided "...under the mat and off the grid" AND a photo.  You really must visit her site by clicking on the lonely train tracks in the right side-bar.

You will never know what you create.


  1. Just my luck!

    Great creation.

  2. Serves her right.

  3. lol and he got to rub it in, perfect

  4. You win some; you lose some. Grace may yet be a winner.

    Blessings and Bear hugs.

  5. Poor Grace. Shallower than Creeping Cove, and probably doomed to stay there and paddle on her own.

  6. Poor Grace. Although I have to admit a face full of warts would take a bit if getting used to. Worth it if the man is a nice person though, like Stanley. Grace needs to look further than skin deep or she will be forever alone.

  7. Nicely done, Susan. One mammoth of a story. Enjoy your weekend.


  8. If only she could have gotten beyond those warts! Oh well, there will be other opportunities.

  9. You are one imaginative lady! Giggled out loud through this one!


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