Monday, May 19, 2014

At the Witching Hour

This is a blog post done some time ago, after 2010 fire in the San Diego area.  Then nine fire fighters were killed. Today, we hope and pray that people are safe, while homes are not. The photos are from just days ago.

  The sun sets through heavy smoke from the Rim Fire on August 21, 2013 in Groveland, California.
Sunburnt Sun
Gray and pink...
Wisp to Wild
Grasping, consuming.

Swirl upward--
A gift to fires
of all fires.

Residents photograph the burning ruins of their home in Carlsbad, Calif., that was destroyed in the Poinsettia fire, one of nine wildfires that have erupted in San Diego County.
Source: NPR news
Witch Creek,
San Marcos,
Elfin Forest, 
Mount Palomar...
Other battles without names.

san diego fire
Source: Huffington Post
Burn to the ocean
or Stop at the crest?

Fiery tongues lick cold
Impassive walls.
Left empty and deserted,
Waiting for the end.

Homes and trees
To rest, layer upon layer.
White and Gray.
Green life, now absent,

smoldering fire 2: smoldering fire 2
Source: Ayla87

Becomes moonscape
in moments, in hours.

 Inmates from Oak Glen Fire Camp in Riverside retreat to higher ground as the flames start move close to them while they work to control the fire near Oriole Court in Carlsbad on Wednesday.
Source: UT San Diego

All for 
A Sunburnt Sun,

Fire at its witching hour.

Source: No. No. No. Not without a fight.


  1. So sad to see these flames destroying homes. But as long as everyone is safe, that's what matters in the end. I pray that no lives are lost.

    1. So far only one body has been found, a transient caught unawares.

  2. I love the last picture. There is the futility of fighting this enormous monster with a garden hose, but here is a man who has fought many battles and he isn't giving up.

    1. He told the news that he wasn't leaving without a fight. Everything he owns is in the house. His whole life is in that house. And he wasn't leaving. I don't know what actually happened.

  3. Safety comes first, homes can be rebuilt, people can't

    1. people were rise and left when the officials insisted. Their cars held only photos, some personal items, and pets. when all is reduced to the size of one's boot/trunk, what to take?

  4. Sad about the houses, but they can be replaced. People cannot. Witching hour indeed...

    1. IN the face of this monster, thise seemed the correct words.

  5. I live in the same kind of area and have gone through three of these fires. Once the flames scorched the back of our house, but the firebreak held and the fire fighters were wonderful. Each year we prepare and are thankful if our home survives. My heart went out to those in SD.

    1. With 3 year of drought combined with a nasty desert wind, a wildfire was inevitable. Thank you for your thoughts. You were also fortunate to have survived such a fire.

  6. My heart goes out to everyone/everything affected. Scary times.

    1. Now the photos of the damaged homes are being shown. Scary, indeed.

  7. Hi Susan,

    Such a fiery torment. We watch on with shock at the devastation that occurs. Here's to all those involved to be safe. One man against the flames. His life is more precious than his property.


    1. Agreed. He is alone, no more family. This house and what is in it, he said was all he had left. Sad.

  8. Replies
    1. Absolutely. No one in that situation may realize just how quickly the fire can eat up all in its path.

  9. No place is safe this year from the terrible destruction and loss due to the weather patterns we have seen in recent years.

    May you and yours stay safe.

  10. That last picture is a heart stabber. Things can be replaced, not always easily, but they can. People or their health cannot. :(

    1. So many photos of people on line of people staring in horror at their homes in flames--heartbreaking.

  11. Fire- warmth, beauty and destruction all in a single package.
    I feel sad at the thought of people losing their homes, their livelihoods, their lives.
    Yes, most of these things can be replaced, but things like photo albums, a wedding dress, the locks of baby hair from the first haircut, these can never be replaced.
    I hope there wasn't too much destruction this time.

    1. As the aftermath of the fires becomes public, it is another time of horror.

  12. It's horrific how easily these fires are ignited. I also feel terrible that so many people have lost nearly everything. My heart also goes out to the brave firefighters who constantly put their lives at risk. A deeply moving poem, Susan.


    1. The men and women who fight the fires are amazing, deserving of respect and praise. I cannot imagine what they face.


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