Monday, April 21, 2014

The Letter R, the very important letter R

If a random person was asked about the Constitution, I would wager (big money) that he could come up with only one or two of the rights that were established by this Document.  

Would they know about Amendment 15?  

Would they know how life changing this Amendment was after the Emancipation Proclamation?

The letter R is for:    Race

Article XV:

The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.  Passed on February 26, 1869.

While it took many decades for this Amendment to be enforced uniformly, this was the starting point.

And every good thing that happens needs a starting point.


  1. But sadly, the amendment is being circumvented, an lots of people are being denied the right to vote, primarily on the basis of race, colour, and servitude.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  2. I knew that one, but you're right, most couldn't list even half of the rights.

  3. This is an R that everyone should know about and remember.

    1. I echo Rob-Bear.

      Then there is the fact that usually less than half of our citizens take the time to vote at all.

  4. A terrific "R" word .... I'm not American but those are certainly a great list of "rights".

  5. That it had to be written down as an amendment is sad. Race should never have been/never be an issue to begin with. But, at least it got added.

  6. An r that should always be upheld

  7. Hey great post! Article 15 is both offers both despair and inspiration. Despair that in a nation founded as ours was, such an amendment was required and inspiration that in a nation founded as ours was, such an amendment became possible. I hope you are enjoying the challenge of A-Z. Keep up the good stuff.

  8. Many can't name off more than 1 or 2

  9. An Amendment close to my heart. I studied some of it before I became a citizen, but it is so easy to forget. Only when politicians try to change things in the name of a Constitution whose details they conveniently forget, do I wake up and find out what it really says. Thank you so much for this post.

  10. Excellent post, Susan, and very powerful Every good thing that happens needs a starting point. Unfortunately every such good thing meets lots of resistance, but eventually it becomes, or its should become, the norm. Thank you for bringing this back into the light. I completely agreed: this is one VERY important R.

  11. An excellent choice for R, and my small hat's off to starting points!

  12. An amendment which was so very Right. Great choice for todays challenge - thank you.

  13. The Founding document is so important now than ever before. We the people, well here we are.

  14. Such a perfect choice for the letter 'R,' and I bet you're right about the number of people who could come up with more than one or two of the rights. Have you seen the Jay Leno skits where they stop people on the street and ask them things like "What is the capital of Ohio?" and they get answers such as "Delaware?" Or worse, "Delaware!" o-o

  15. Racism, for heaven's sake, we're all people!
    We have similar issues here with our indigenous people.
    It just shouldn't happen.


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