Monday, April 14, 2014

the Letter L

The Letter L
Let's see...lavender, lycanthrope, lop-sided...

L,L,L,L,....just saying the letter L multiple times tickles the roof of the mouth.

The Letter L is for:
Lilian and President Lincoln

Miss Lilian was quite the charming lady.  She had an easy giggle, knew no strangers, and was curious about everyone and everything.

William T Peck as President Abraham Lincoln
William Peck, originally from Illinois
This day was a special one.  Miss Lilian was attending a country fair near the Union encampment with her papa.

 Miss Lilian did not see the man only steps away until she bumped into him.

  Miss Lilian gazed up at this tall stranger, who tipped his stove top hat and smiled down on her, saying, 

Daddy, Miss Lilian, and President Lincoln
"Pardon me, young Miss.  I pray you are not injured..."

But Miss Lilian could not utter a word: President Lincoln stood before her.  

  She curtsied with eyes downcast while President Lincoln took her hand. 

"Why, no.  Mr. President!  I am quite well...My name is Lilian,..."

"Well,then, Miss Lilian."  He handed her a card, "This is a personal invitation to call upon  the White House at your leisure..."

Too soon President Lincoln moved on, leaving a blushing Miss Lilian in awed silence.  For Miss Lilian, this was quite unusual.

Lilian taking a rest between Daddy and Grandpa

My granddaughter, Miss Lilian, carried the "ticket" around, clutching it tightly.  She showed it to every costumed participant.  "President Lincoln gave this to me," she explained seriously.

  Each person smiled at the serious 2 1/2 year old Lilian, who possessed an unusual command of vocabulary and sentence structure then, as well as now.

Lilian knew all about curtsying as her mommy had taken her to Renaissance Fairs several times. 

This actor, William Peck, is a distant cousin  on my father's side.


  1. A very poised and cute Miss Lillian.

  2. She said THAT greeting at age 21/2...? Amazing sentence structure is right! Wonder where she gets it;) . She is a doll, Susan. What a great story to tell .

  3. Quite the vocabulary indeed, talking up a storm.

  4. You are blessed, what a lovely little girl.

  5. What a wonderful story! Meeting President Lincoln is something to remember.

  6. Oh, petite Miss Lilian. She started speaking clearly before age one, very early. By age 2, we could sit and talk with her. When she went to pre-school at 2 yr. 9 months, she knew the first verse of the Star Spangled Banner, on key. I know this sounds very much like bragging (which it is, in a sense) but it amazed us all.

    1. But she doesn't know it any longer and has no interest in relearning it :( She does, however, know a whole lot of Taylor Swift songs... sigh.

    2. As long as it isn't Lady GaGa or Mylie Cyrus, she'll be okay.

  7. What a day for a little girl. I wonder how long she will remember President Lincoln.

  8. A marvelous story--how fortunate she was!!

  9. Some people really do appreciate the cool things in life (they're usually under the age of 12 ;) ). :)

  10. A memory to cherish. Love Miss Lilian - and her lust for life.

  11. These memories are like treasure which Miss Lilian will relish for the rest of her life.

  12. How adorable. She is so cute!
    I'm a new follower hopping over through the A to Z. Glad to follow you.

  13. What a fantastic story! Miss Lillian sure is a lucky girl. Wonderment of children can make all things real.

    Visiting from AtoZ

  14. A perfect L post. It came from your heart, as did miss Lillian.

  15. Lillian has more Ls in it than Lincoln, so of course he treated her as his social superior.

  16. Lucky, lucky Miss Lillian to bump into the President and get a ticket to the white house!


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