Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Letter C: Shall we gather at the river....

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The Letter "C"

The year 1971 brings up some scattered memories:  Hot pants (I had two pair--purple striped and bright red with a star on the back pocket), marijuana (not for me, but the rest of the dorm floated high on the weekend), Vietnam War, protest marches, falling in love, keeping my scholarship, and home.

Home meant church to my family.

In the late fall, it was decided to have a photo made of the church body, to commemorate the congregation of that time.  The elderly founders of the church (mostly widows by this time) were seated in the center front row, with the attendees surrounding them.
I wasn't there.  But I remember the names, the faces.  

For some reason, my Grandma Amy was not included in this group, although she deserved to be.  Politics, I suspect.

Nebo Church of the Nazarene, 1971

Today, the letter C stands for Church.

When I write about Nancy and her church, this is the source from which I draw.


  1. From hot pants to church - interesting flow of thoughts!
    I will say my church is like my family as well.

  2. Hot pants....yes.....I had two sets of business wear hot pants. One was sunshine yellow with white trim and one was navy with white trim. Really just short dresses with shorts underneath. So very fashionable.
    Our last church died a natural death with all the members slowly fading away from old age.

  3. Susan
    That picture of hot pants..... isn't that a yarn catelogue? Don't tell me they used to nit hot pants. Well why not though.

    That old church looks familiar. Yes your grandmother should have been in there. I have a daughter Amy.

  4. lol quite the jump there. They all seem like one big family that doesn't smile haha

  5. Church... There's a one that's a HUGE part of my family culture. It's amazing how these things truly shape us, eh?

  6. How sad that your Grandma Amy was excluded. Politics (big and small) seems to be sadly lacking in fairness all too often.

  7. Looking back at these black and white photos no doubt brings a smile. Its cool belonging to something special.

  8. Politics, indeed (and phooey to 'em). I was 1-yr. old when that photo was taken. :)

  9. Church was a huge part of my growing up and shaping who I would become.

    Brandon Ax: Writer's Storm

  10. There is something special about group pictures. A moment in time that does not happen again.

  11. 1971, boy do I remember those days. I was down in So. California at the time. Life was MUCH different in those days. Church definitely leaves me with mixed feelings because of the politics.

  12. That's some group of mostly ladies. 1971 was a year of sweet, romantic, love for me. It didn't work out, but got me to California. So a good year for me.

  13. This is interesting! You could totally use this as story fodder.

    Sarah Allen
    (From Sarah, With Joy)

  14. How I wish I had a whole-church photo from my daddy's little church that he pastored in the mid-70's in small town America. I loved those people and they loved us. We certainly are shaped by our church family and culture.

  15. Hi human, Susan,

    There you go, I've arrived :) My human fondly recalls those days of hot pants. As for Church, he stays well away from them. Churches make his skin crawl.

    Penny, the pawsitive host of the Alphabark Challenge, 2014!

  16. I bet you didn't wear those hot pants to church. So which one was the real Susan?

    1. It was a bit of a switch: at college the hot pants, at home modest dress.

  17. So sorry for your grandma that she wasn't included.

  18. It would be interesting to know the rest of that church lady photo story, wouldn't it?

  19. An interesting string of thoughts... with so much history embedded in it.
    Thanks, Susan.

  20. I was pregnant when the hot pants craze hit Australia, so never got to wear them. The fad died down after my baby was born. Younger girls still wore them though.


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