Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Freedom of the Letter E

Eagle...Egret...Entrails...End...So many possibilities, aren't there?
For me, the Letter E is about something very important:


Of all the Amendments made to the Constitution, the Emancipation Proclamation was perhaps the most controversial, made possible by the bloodiest war ever fought on American land, and one of the most important amendments made.
The movie "Lincoln" inspires  Mississippi to make its vote for 13th Amendment "official."

If you have seen the movie "Lincoln", in which Daniel Day-Lewis was President Lincoln, then you have in inkling of how much this all cost.

Here are the words in part, written by hand, and signed by President Lincoln:

                               Emancipation Proclamation

Please try to see this movie.  It was filmed mostly in Springfield, Illinois, where much has been restored.  Daniel Day-Lewis did 

Lincoln Key Art - P 2012
Source: The Movie

not allow himself to lose his characterization of Lincoln, to the point where he walked around surrounding areas, speaking to residents as would Lincoln have spoken.

The Letter E is for Emancipation.


  1. I wanted to see it, and then I forgot about it until now. Now you've got me curious again.

    That would be a trip to run into him in town, speaking in character!

  2. The movie was powerful and Lewis nailed the performance.

  3. A dandy word. Haven't seen the movie but I would like to.

  4. And it rhymes too, sorta haha

  5. It's a sad and sorrowful thing that it took a war to free the slaves. It is a joyous and wonderful thing that the majority of states ratified the amendment.

  6. Awesome. I blogged about Lincoln on my A day, and I just love that guy. Man, how did he do it? Whew!

  7. Lincoln took on the battle to fight racism for the United States of America. What a president, great movie.

  8. Lots of great E's but none as significant as Emancipation. Great choice! Daniel Day Lewis is the definition of a method actor, and he was amazing in Lincoln. I imagine it would have been a thrill to see him in character!

    The Pedestrian Writer visiting from the A to Z blogging challenge

  9. EXCELLENT choice! I haven't yet seen Lincoln, but I'll look for it at my favourite DVD store next tiem I go there. I've heard about it and it's all good, what I've heard.

  10. Thank you for choosing Emancipation for the letter E.

  11. Who knew the letter E could be so interesting. :)

  12. Really great E post. I really enjoyed the movie Lincoln, and I thought Daniel Day Lewis did a great job. He's an amazing actor.

  13. When the movie came out, my daughter and I were going but chose another movie at the last minute. Now, I can't even recall what that choice was. I might as well stay home and read a book, huh?

  14. Yeah, certainly the most controversial, and also likely the smartest. Too bad it came with such a high price.
    I saw the movie. Day Lewis is absolutely superb, and the story behind the story is really gripping. I made my nine-year old son sit through the movie, because it's such an important history lesson. Good thing is, he didn't mind. Thanks, Susan. You nailed this post.

  15. Excellent choice for "E," and Daniel Day Lewis truly deserved his Oscar!



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