Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Behold: The Letter A

Dice with letter A: Character on the cube
Let's start the very beginning...
The Letter "A"

The letter "A" sets off this day, April 1st.  It is hard to be so creative at the starting line, wondering if brilliance will somehow kick-in by the time we get to "H".  Oh well.

"A" starts probably the most important word at this stage of my life and the history throughout a nation's existence:


The dictionary definition writes that an amendment is a change or addition to a law or a bill.

The Constitution of the United States has come under attack, with branches of our government trying to erase or at least smudge the lines separating the powers of branch.

For a gardener, an amendment is a mulch and soil addition to existing soil to enrich the existing soil in order for it to successfully grow plants.

Soil amendment = an addition to the a law or bill?  Don't know.

See you soon? ?!

Source: Soil Amendments
Source: soil amendments

Hope all this seriousness does not impede your searches!  Now, off you go, then.


  1. Wish congress was as serious about amendments as a gardener...

  2. Food for thought...or at least soil for thought.

  3. Maybe the politicians need to grow a green thumb

  4. Congress could use some amendments to their... ahem... dirt. :)

  5. Good start to the alphabet.

  6. I love how one word can hold so many meanings!

    Madeline @ The Shellshank Redemption
    Minion, Capt. Alex's Ninja Minion Army
    The 2014 Blogging from A-Z Challenge

  7. One term, defined in different ways -- the beauty of language right here. Soil amendment, haha, could easily apply to Congress, if we let our imagination go a little wild.
    Great start, Susan. Short and fun post.
    Silvia @

  8. Soil amendment is an improvement. The other? Sometimes. Very occasionally.

  9. Government is not something I care to think about. The soil is fine though as I spend a lot of time playing in it with my son.

  10. I prefer the soil definition. There are enough amendments going on in QC right now. Happy A-Z challenge!

  11. The lovely picture of the soil makes me think of all the vegetables I may grow in there. Soil is the womb of our plants.

  12. The stuff I amend my soil with is probably the same $h!+ the politicians amend a bill with. Good analogy. Nicely done.

  13. One uses manure to grow, the other thinks theirs don't stink

  14. Just making a return visit. I don't know about the USA but here in the UK it sometimes seems like we have too many amendments as well (we don't actually have a written constitution to amend but the principle is the same). Good luck with the gardening and good luck with the A-Z Challenge.

  15. "Let's start at the very beginning", a very good place to start...
    Oops, channeling a little Sound of Music there.
    ABC; Doh Re Me...
    Amendment is an excellent word, I make amendments to my budget all the time.

  16. Hubby and I were saying the same thing, and that's no small thing. It was meant to be a living document. If you start 'tweaking it' to be modern, how can a line ever be drawn again?


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