Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Resolution

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Jane faced the blank paper, her pen poised to create her annual New Year’s Resolutions.  In all fifty-eight years (not counting the early years), Jane had determined, no, absolutely committed writing out these resolutions.

She wrote the same ancient promises each year:  lose weight, exercise more, and attend church more frequently, etcetera.    She read the list and grimaced.

Jane wadded the paper and threw it at the trashcan.

The OCD**part of her would have insisted that she retrieve the wad and place it properly.  

But Jane had already started a new list:  Do what I damn well please.

** Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (we all have it in one way or another) 


  1. Yes we do all have it in one way or another and now I'll probably spend the next few hours obsessing over what it is I am OCD about. Happy New Year.

  2. Good for Jane. I hope life does not get in the way and she is successful. Happy New Year to you :-)

  3. That is the way to be, chuck it away and do what you want. Oh I admit to ocd tendencies lol but they keep me ahead of the 8 ball. Happy new year

  4. Lol. Great list. Have a happy 2014.

  5. Yay Jane. A truly wonderful resolution.

  6. To all who commented: Have a wonderful 2014. With all the problems faced in 2013, we all have remained strong with a sense of humor.

  7. I don't make resolutions, never have. Now and again I tell myself I'll try to stay away from the computer and get out more, but that's throughout the year, after I've sat on my bum all summer, then again after I've sat on my bum all winter.....I just don't see the point in promising myself unachievable goals just because a new year is beginning. I do like the sound of Do What I Damn Well Please.

  8. This is great! I am not making resolutions this year either because I want the freedom to do what I want and not be held down by resolutions or disappointed by them. Happy 2014!


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