Thursday, September 12, 2013

Source: Delores at Under the Porch Light

Col. Prentice Hall attended the Annual Festival in his town of Liberty every year. 

After being carefully groomed, he shed his flannel shirt and tattered trousers. A freshly pressed tail coat and pin-striped slacks were carefully hung, ready to be donned.  Col. Prentice Hall donned his brushed top hat and retrieved his polished cane, stepping out the door.

Striding as briskly as a man of 92 could manage, Col. Prentice Hall tipped his hat to all whom he encountered.  A grand turn-out. He mused, smiling to different people along the path.  Grand indeed!

“Colonel!  Col. Hall!”  The photographer for the Liberty Weekly News called out.  “A photo, if you please!”

Smiling, Col. Prentice Hall tipped his hat as the photo was taken.  It is rewarding to still be honored on such a day, he mused.

Two teen age girls giggled as the hat was tipped and the photo taken.  “Who is that old geezer?” one whispered.  “Who knows?  He looks like a zombie!” the other murmured.  They ran off, flaunting henna tattoos and low rider jeans. 

Times change.


  1. And so did the notion of respect for your elders. ;)

  2. This was a grand old chap who played the part of John Galt on John Galt Day here in Guelph.

  3. Fantastic photo.

    Teenage girls... they do keep life interesting.

  4. Times change, not always for the better

  5. Wonderful. (and the teenage girls probably weren't EC and Ruby-Mae.)

  6. I love that photo, and really like where you went with the story for it. Kind of heart-breaking, though, because it smacks too much of exactly how some young people feel about the elderly.

  7. If we are lucky, we will all become old geezers eventually. That is supposed to be a goal. Unfortunately, we become too soon old, too late smart.

  8. Times change.
    But certain things stay the same.
    Those two teenage girls are destined to be old geezers one day, then they will be on the receiving end.
    Great picture.
    Writer In Transit

  9. Very nicely done. I hope to be an old geezer one day. Or would that be geezess?


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