Friday, June 28, 2013

Everybody Needs a Rock

So many excellent books.  So little time.

One of my favorite authors is Byrd Baylor.  I cannot decide which of her amazing desert books to select.  
Byrd Baylor
Source: Byrd Baylor home page
So I will choose this one: Everybody Needs a Rock

You really should read this one, as well:

I'm in Charge of Celebrations

WARNING:  These books are addictive!  You can't read just one!

P.S.  These are technically children books.  BUT the simplicity of the words with the excellent artwork presents as poetry to any discerning eye.  Go ahead!  Give one a go!


  1. Children's books are fine by me

  2. Rocks have always been important to me. I always carried a "touch stone" in my pocket when I was young. Now I still love my rocks and the rock gardens with the flowers. They give so much energy.

  3. Dear Susan, the video of the children reading from the rock book is so well done and their voices so sweet in their different tones and cadences and pitch so appealing that I listened to the whole thing. Now I'm going to leave your blog and go to the library's site so as to check out both books by Baylor. Thank you for introducing me to such a lyrical writer. Peace.

  4. Wow that cover is amazing! Draws the eye in and doesn't let go.

  5. I definitely will, now that I am a desert mountain dweller, books from the desert always intrigue me. And I love children's books when they are special. I will note her on my amazon page so I don't forget. Right now. Thank you so much.

  6. They sound wonderful. Drat you. I am trying to whittle my unread pile down not add to it, and people (yes you) keep tempting me.

  7. These are beautiful books! I like how you tied them in with your vacation theme! Hope you're having a wonderful time!


  8. To all: my children always had their pockets filled with rocks. Now my gr-daughters are collectors. Makes for really cheap gifts, but exciting to find. Susan Kane


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