Monday, June 17, 2013

A Place for Talent

Writing a post is one thing.  Posting a post is another.  BUT, making that post memorable and visually grabbing is a really huge thing.

I am a simple photographer who has files of quilts and grandchildren.  

Photos of grandeur never occur because I am a simple photographer.  And, items that speak volumes—like an abandoned shopping cart—those are photos that I would not take because I hurry by them.
HOWEVER, there are photographers who see the grandeur in the little things, the simplicity in the grand things, the glory of…you get the idea.

My source for such interesting photos is where an impressive number of contributors provide such wonders.  Today’s post is to introduce some of them to you!

abandoned: dumped and abandoned shopping trolley
Adrian van Leen from Australia aka: TACLUDA
TACLUDA is an acronym for “Take A Closer Look Around”.  My eyes always gravitate to his images.

Nebula: A graphic representation of a red, blue and yellow nebula, with stars.

xymonau is Dez at and again, I find the perspectives to be ones I appreciate.  She is from Australia, and would love to capture photos for anyone in that amazing immense continent.
Bench: A bench in the woods.
RWLinder has been taking photos for 50 years; Bob has a great view for nature and national images.

wow: I'm prettier viewed in the large version...

fishmonk: Dan Shirley
Fishmonk focuses on the small and creates an incredible universe.

doors of abandoned toilets: doors of the abandoned toilette of a little railway station
Eve Blackwood
EveBlackwood is from Italy; her photos peruse the European land and city scapes.  She senses the change in time and the past intersecting with the present.

Soooo...I hope you will take a look at these photographers, appreciate their eye and abilities.  

p.s.  I will be out and about on vacation, so I won't be responding to comments.  Hopefully y'all will come back for posts like this information and praise post.


  1. There is always something to be found, whether or not it is profound. Have a great vacation.

  2. Have a great vacation. And take lots of great pictures. Remember, your capturing a memory, not just taking a photo!

  3. Have a delightful vacation. These photos are wonderful, but honestly, I love the small inconsequential photos of everyday life. They speak volumes to me!

  4. Yippee a vacation. Do it all.

  5. Have an awesome vacation!

    P.S. I wish I could take pictures like those ;)

  6. Enjoy your vacation!
    The double doors are interesting.

  7. i love this kind of photography!!! enjoy your vacation :)

  8. Holy cow, those are some awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

    Sarah Allen
    (From Sarah, With Joy)

  9. I've been leaving my camera home lately, but these few photos you've posted have inspired me to drop it back into my bag.


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