Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wednesday Words: Cowboy Bob

cow: a photograph of a cow.

just for you.
Source: fishmonk

Cowboy Bob loved sitting around the campfire, watching the flames and listening to the muted sounds of cattle.  He spread out the horse blanket on the hard ground and leaned back against his saddle. 

Instead of feeling that familiar dozing-off, Bob felt queasy.  He bolted upright and sniffed the night air.  The foul odor came from beneath his horse blanket.  He ripped it off the ground, unveiling a fresh cow-pie. “#?%blasted#@sh*$”

Thanks again to Delores @thefeatherednest who always fines the best, most challenging words.  Check her out!!!


  1. That's hilarious. Great job.

  2. Delores is a funny gal. :-)

    And ya can't go wrong when you start with the words "queasy" AND "pie". :-)


  3. Yep. Queasy and pie do it for me . . . well . . . sorta . . .
    And Bob unwittingly discovered the prime rule for laying out your blanket. Always, always check the ground first! :)

  4. Life on the western range, it a whole new universe out there. I think they used to tan the leather with animal dumps in the ol' days.

  5. this seems to be a fun prompt which you dealt with very amusingly.
    I might be tempted to have a go myself.

    (Provided I can find the originator)

  6. I would like to try these too some day when I'm caught up here at home.

  7. sorry, I just left half a comment. The other half went like this: As usual, your imagination knows no bounds.

  8. I always love to read the evidence of your lateral thinking in these mini-challenges. I do feel sorry for a cowboy made queasy by cow pie though.

    1. PS: He would have loathed my brothers who used to put fire-crackers in fresh cow dung - which exploded with dramatic consequences.


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