Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Crazily Creative kid entertainment

AS if there were not enough baby equipment to go around, here is another "must have" !

It is called “Baby Einstein Musical Motion activity jumper”, and is for sale everywhere.  It defies description, so here is a YouTube demonstration:

Our grandchildren are beyond this, but I am considering getting this and setting it up in our living room.  It would give us grandparents something to do during commercials and between bathroom breaks.  This might qualify as exercise. 

When I recall how our children had such simple toys and entertainment, I wonder how in the world they managed to grow up to be the creative adults that they are today.  Surely we could have done more?  We just didn't know back then.

Extreme creativity is the mode for children today.  Extreme visual stimulation is the ticket for everything, including video games. The market demands more and more.  I wonder what will be next? 


  1. Oh I don't know...I think our kids had just as much fun slobbering on a bouncy ball, pulling the cats tail, and bouncing on Dads tummy.

  2. Wow, they sure could have fun with that. But yeah such things aren't didn't as long as parents don't use the tv as a babysitter.

  3. If it came in my size I might go for that. It's a little too much artificial fun for kids but just the thing for older adults.

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  4. Cardboard boxes, and the content of kitchen cupboards were as much fun (for us) and a whole lot cheaper too...

  5. I'm with E.C. My kids always played with the box the toys came in!
    My son bought a deluxe play apparatus for his daughter. She just screamed and wanted out. Then they moved in with me. I have an old entertainment center. Much simpler. She loves it. I don't know what that says. But I think it says something... :)


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