Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love is in the air...

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  Rejoicing all around!

Please don’t get me wrong—it is a wonderful day and a HUGE money maker in all sorts of ways.  Who doesn’t love Godiva chocolate?  Strawberries dipped in cheaper chocolate?  Triple-the-regular price roses with chocolate?  Champagne with chocolate?  An over-the-top Hallmark card (with chocolate)?

Yes, I am a cynic when it comes to Valentine’s Day.  Maybe it is the twenty years of teaching that crushed the joy within.  In fact, it IS the twenty years of teaching.

Valentine’s Day created pervasive insanity in the classroom.  The day of the traditional “making the individual Valentine’s Day boxes” was the instigator.  The neat stacks of red, pink, white, and lavender construction paper and the Elmer’s glue bottles set off an explosion.  From there it was always hard to contain.

The next day the cards were placed into the personalized boxes, sly smiles exchanged.  The parents brought in obscene amounts of sweets, cards were opened in a flurry, and then BAM! the day was over. 

What will my beloved and I do on Valentine’s Day?  We are going to see Garrison Keillor at Point Loma College.  Tickets cost $45+ each.  That blows the chocolate budget right there.

Here is something for your Valentine's Day pleasure:


  1. I so remember Valentines Day in our little one room school. The teacher had a big mailbox on her desk and you 'posted' your valentines there. We all brought a fancy wrapped box lunch and they were all at the front of the room. You had to pick a lunch and then, as you ate your lunch the teacher opened the mail box and called out names. There were only about 20 or so of us so it didn't take too long. Then we spent the rest of the day in games. There was only one hard and fast had to give EVERYONE a valentine (even the teacher).

  2. Hate the day, commercialized crap is all it is I say. I remember the stuff at school, blah to that too.

  3. Susan, I'm laughing at Pat's comment. Kinda my sentiments too, but perhaps not quite as well said. Ha ha
    I forgot where you live but most of my life I lived in Minneapolis and Garrison Keillor was around there forever. My dance partner was always quoting him. Anyway, enjoy your date with hubby.

  4. It's not such an awful day. The kids love it. Enjoy Garrison!

  5. Dear Susan, I'm feeling good about Valentine's Day this year because a family I know with four children sent me valentine cards--the first ones I've received in year. And I bought myself--despite trying to stick to the Weight Watchers plan--a small box of Russell Stover's chocolates (four chocolates in the box) and gobbled them down! So tomorrow, whatever comes in the mail, will just be the frosting on the cake!

    Enjoy Garrison! Peace.


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