Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bruce Willis...Who knew?

A Good Day to Die Hard is a movie just released, and we will go see it. 

Bruce Willis surprises me.   In the 1980s, he was a co-star with Cybil Shepherd in Moonlighting.  She was an established celebrity, a famous successful model.  Bruce Willis was an unknown, just-another-cocky actor who would try for stardom in an unlikely show about a failing detective agency.  Classy rich Shepherd becomes the new owner, Willis is the street-wise mouthy fast-talking detective, and flirtation is rife.

Somehow, Moonlighting was a big success.  Bruce Willis was a big success.  He did not fade into the annals of “Where is he now?” Who knew? 

Since then Bruce Willis has made many action movies which my husband and I have seen.  I know, I know…but for some reason, Bruce (may I call him that?) and his smooth gutsy style makes destruction, gun fights, death-defying stunts enjoyable. 

In preparation for our viewing of his new movie we are having our own DVD marathon of the Die Hard movies.  The first one was released in 1988, when we were in late 30s: the new one finds us at 60.  Bruce gets totally thrashed in previous movies, and I expect he will again one last time.

Call me shallow, but I (the retired teacher/grandma) truly relish his movies.  Who knew?


  1. Yes, who did know?? I find him him really good looking now in his older years. That Dummy Dimi left him for that baby Ashton who is 30 years younger. She just about killed herself trying to keep youthful and young looking for him. Bruce W is a wonderful actor too. He's the real deal

  2. I used to like everything he made, but lately he's just be phoning it in. Don't even get me going on Die Hard 4 which is a huge load of crap, alright as a buddy cop movie, but it's no die hard movie. Hear the 5th is crap too, but I'll still give it a watch.

  3. Dear Susan, just "who knew?" That applies to so many things I've done in all these years. Who knew--who even suspected--that I'd end up a nun for 8 1/2 years? Who knew I'd have an aptitude for editing and get offered a job that became a career? Who knew I'd end up in Minnesota for 38 years? And who knew that I'd "fall for" Harry Potter the book and Daniel Radcliffe the actor!!!!!!!! Oh, and Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, and Johnny Depp!!!!!! Peace.

  4. i like him too susan!---i also couldn't help but see "dee's" comment --her list at the end are three of my favorites!

  5. Pat--You are correct. This last movie was badly written and the son character was dull. Oh well.
    Manzanita--Demi probably has many regrets. Glad Bruce moved on.
    Dee--Who knew? is applicable to so many life choices. Glad you enjoy all the same actors I enjoy as Lynn and I do!
    Lynn--I hope Bruce makes some more good movie choices.

  6. You are not shallow Susan. I loved the Moonlighting series! I also loved Bruce Willis in RED, which has a sequel coming up. If you haven't seen it, you should add it to your marathon, as it has an all star cast.



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