Friday, February 15, 2013

Answers? What is the Question?


Answers, we all want answers.  From early toddlers to very elderly adults, we all ask questions and expect answers.  No, demand answers.

It is a myth, these elusive answers.  Disappointing, I know. 

However, I have compiled a list of universal answers to many of those questions.  Choose the answer which best fits the question poised over your head:

A good strong cup of tea


Why do you ask?



Think about it.

Later, maybe.


Not now.

Wear comfortable shoes.

It takes time.

You have the flu; go to bed.

Eat more fiber.

Slow down.

Do any of these answer some of your questions?  Do you have some possible answers to add to this list?  Put them in your comment!  Thanks.  No. I’m fine. Get a job.  Cut up your credit cards….


  1. The standard answer...
    better in than out, better here than there, better now than later
    to the old question....why?
    I think I've heard all the answers in your list...why is it that none of them really help at the time? "Why do you ask?"

  2. Lovely! The credit card bit I did many years ago, still working on the others!

  3. Get enough fiber now to clean me out good, TMI? lol

    Don't stick it that
    You can't fly
    That we get you sent to jail
    Just there
    Too bad
    Go away
    Get lost
    Not today
    Maybe tomorrow
    Fly a kite

  4. I love your answers and yes, many of them do answer (sort of) the queries revolving around in my head. I would also add 'a good night's sleep'.

  5. Okay, completely zonked from a very weird week. However, I asked my doctor a question regarding my nutrition. He wrote down the answer in English English. "Eat more fibre!"

    And yes, this comment exists. Unlike my last posting.

    Have a peaceful weekend.

    Gary :)


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