Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wednesday's words on Thursday

Alas, I am late again.  Too long to explain, but it has to do with allergies and headaches.  But here are my words:

inconvenient     day     embarrassed    hopeful    disappointed   snowy

I will publish my take on these words later in the day, and will put up a post of Delores' wonderful words tomorrow!



  1. Hmph, did the whole thing out and dumb thing ate my comment, how rude. Hope your allergies buzz off for a bit.

  2. God bless and great brain is smoking.

  3. Allergies and headaches hold hands a lot don't they? I hope your's amble off into the sunset together.

    I am so DISAPPOINTED that yet again I will not see a SNOWY Christmas DAY. I have been HOPEFUL for many a long year, but was made to feel EMBARRASSED at my greed when my mother pointed out to me just how INCONVENIENT it would be to ask poor Santa to bring all that snow over here, 'after all, he only has the one sleigh...'


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