Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday Words: 12-12-12

Mayan ruins Source

We are doomed, or so the Mayans predicted.  Or did they?  Maybe some stone chiseler decided to take a break and forgot to get back to finishing the Stone of Doom.  I don't know.

So here are words to ponder:

calendar      decision      supplies     loaded     ready    door

I really have no plan for these words myself.  My husband was watching "The Twelve Days to Destruction" over the weekend, while I was locked on my Hallmark Christmas shows.  So I guess we will have to wait until 12-21-12 and see what happens. 


  1. Good idea is formulating.

    1. we go with the Words for Wednesday:

      Kate checked the calendar. "My goodness, I had no idea we were so close." she said. "Nick dear, have you made a decision on your lead runner?"
      "All sorted, my dear. We're ready to go."
      "Do you have your supplies?"
      "Magic bag, hot chocolate, cookies....check, check and check. We're locked and loaded. Open the door my dear. To the sky!!!"

  2. Nothing is going to happen at all, the Mayans didn't predict such crap, just North American idiots who had nothing better to do.

  3. Everyone is into this like they were a couple of years ago on New years. I forget what they called it. lol Anyway I hope all is well in your corner of the world. I guess if the end of the world is coming you and I will meet soon on the other side. Look for me. :)

  4. I am so glad that I made the DECISION not to be a CALENDAR girl. Aa a result I am always READY to be LOADED up on SUPPLIES, including but not limited to chocolate and cake. Now getting through the DOOR can be a challenge. One I am up for though.

  5. That's the day I'm supposed to get a bonus so I'm pretty sure the world will end.

  6. As the CALENDAR approaches the magic date of December 25, Santa Claus has to make a final DECISION about who's been naughty and who's been nice. Then after checking his SUPPLIES, he heads out to his LOADED sled, which stand READY to go at the back DOOR. Ho, HO, Ho, he yells, Rudolph, lets roll!!

  7. Delores: Super. I didn't think about Santa.
    Pat: The idiots up north needed something different to put on TV, I guess.
    Melynda: I'll be waiting!
    E/C: You naughty minx! I'd be with you eating a brownie!
    Gail: Good luck!
    Inger: Excellent!


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