Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wayman Publishing--Wow!

As a relative new comer to the ways of moving into publishing, I have been impressed with the Wayman Publishing.  Many blogger friends have put their excellent books into print and eBooks through this company.

Pat Hatt has a new book coming out: The Honk of Zagonk!  It is awesome!

They have also produced Open Doors Anthology: Fractured Fairy Tales.  From December 2 - 4th, they are offering a magnificent sale!  Check it out!  If you could get free or reduced prices at Starbucks, wouldn't you check it out?

Who knows?  Maybe someday, you will see my humble name in that huge list!


  1. Almost certainly we will see your name in that list. The timing is really the only question. And, humble schmumble, you have nothing to be humble about at all.

  2. Most certainly we will see your name in that list. NO doubt about it.
    Mary, Maude and Mandy lifted off yesterday and are headed in your direction.

    1. Bought the ebook...am reading through it...loved your entry and pats...so many great takes on the old stories.

  3. A great list indeed, I mean the cat is on it haha thanks for the shout and yeah sure you will release one someday with them too.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. There are soooo many publishing options/routes available these days...


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