Monday, October 1, 2012

Mega something vs. ?

From Wikipedia

A do-nothing weekend at home occurs only because migraines have determined this.  My husband John stays close, almost hovering because he knows how bad these monsters can be.

To entertain ourselves, John accesses a bad film.  Since subscribing to Netflix, he has discovered a whole new world of bad, really and truly awful movies that use every clich√© known.

Wikipedia knows all.

How do we know this movie is a bad movie?  There are some indicators:

It is always filmed at the same time of day, when the sun is the brightest.

Jungle scenes are sparse on greenery, with the same trees filmed over and over from different angles.

It has generic music that never seems to match the action. 

The film is ‘grainy’ and tries to be artsy, like “Blair Witch…”

Hero is always a tortured soul with a scarred past. Vague references are made to Somalia, Vietnam, Bosnia, or Gulf War. 

The dialogue is corny, predictable, and always leads to bad stuff.  Examples are:  My way or the highway…Roger that…We need bigger guns/boats/knives…Let’s split up and cover more ground…Get the lead out…Bad-ass rebels, man…

Character names have character, like Cajun, Poison, or Scar.  And at least one of the commando-types will have a Native American connection with a meaningful tattoo. 

Watching mindless bad films together and creating our own withering critiques somehow drives migraines back into the cage. 

Time spent laughing is what really locks the cage doors.

Wikipedia has great knowledge.


  1. Glad you found a laughable way out of your migraines.

  2. haha at least you can get some fun out of the corny bad ones as they aren't trying to be good. The ones that think they are good and leave you with wanting to stab yourself in the eyes, are the ones I hate.

  3. Dear Susan, thanks for this gem of wisdom: "Time spent laughing is what really locks the cage doors." Peace.

  4. LOL! Great post! There are some truly horrible movies out there, aren't there! Last flick I saw that made me laugh because of sheer absurdity was "Troll Hunter". It's subtitled in English but it's so funny! Kind of spooky in a silly way. Definitely worth a night of silly, foreign film mania!

    Happy October,

  5. They say (whoever they are) laughter is the best medicine. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. i am glad the sharing of bad movies chased those awful headaches away---hope you are all better!!

  7. Migraines are vile. Truly vile. I am so happy that you found a way to keep them at bay. (And yes I know that rhymes and it wasn't intentional and I am too lazy to change it.)

  8. As cliched as it may sound, I do believe that laughter IS the best medicine!
    And I'm blessed in that I've NEVER experienced a migraine in my entire life... touch wood... and hope that I never do!!

  9. Hope you continue to laugh your cares away with your hubby! It's fun to watch bad movies, good movies, and TV shows on NetFlix. It's even better when there's popcorn. Hope your migraines stay in the "cage" forever. Take care Susan! Julie


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