Monday, December 3, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Children are the most interesting of all humans.  They seldom edit what they are thinking, so the words in their heads come out their mouths.  This makes for the craziest, most forthright  conversations one can ever experience.

Art Linkletter (okay, I am getting old) had a television program called “Kids say the most darndest things”.  Mr. Linkletter interviewed a panel of six or so small children, ranging from ages 3 to whatever.  His simple questions led children to give the most amazing answers.

In later years, Bill Cosby continued the show with equal success.  The children were always the stars, while the adult hosts tried to rein in their desires to burst out in laughter.

When I was a young mother, I either didn’t have the time or didn’t realize how truly amazing the things that my own children said.  Now as a grandmother of first and third graders, I bite my lips or cover my mouth to keep from laughing when the kids say things like this:

I’m gonna get an Ipod for Christmas. 
                                                         Mommy lets us do this…
Mommy lets us use the computer. 
You just have to unlock Daddy’s office,
and type in the password.
                                                          When I’m 16, Daddy’ll give me a Mustang.
I don’t have homework tonight.
Mommy says we can do video games before homework.
Mommy said we can eat the rest
of the birthday cake for snacks.
                                                          Daddy lets us go into the garage.
Mommy says I can jump on the couch.
                                                          Mommy lets us call our friends on the phone.
Mommy says I can use her eyeshadow.

These are too good, but I know that these are not uncommon. 

What things have you heard children say that make you laugh?  What have they tried to sneak past their parents?


  1. My granddaughter said her father told her to ask me for something as "your grandma is in loco parentis." She wanted to know what in loco parentis means and I told her it meant I was acting as parent. "Oh, OK. I thought you might have to be crazy."

  2. Everything that comes out can be such fun, I like how they turn the filter off and just let it fly.

  3. Tonight, after sending me 10 texts listing the things she would like for Christmas, my 9 year old granddaughter told me that I could use the $10.00 coupon she has cut out in the newspaper. It is only good if I spend $100.00. Of course, her list of toys is way over $100.00. Her last text was to remind me that all the toys could be found in Toy's r Us and that she loved me very, very much.

  4. I teach in a Christian school. We had chapel today and the chaplain let kids come up and tell jokes at the end. A second grade girl came forward and asked, "What did the pepper say to the salt? I'm hotter than you." On the way out of the sanctuary, the PRe-K aid whispers to me, "ya think maybe we should screen our comedians next time?"

  5. At the Thanksgiving table my husband, who has been having quite the respiratory fits lately, was telling our twelve guests (my kids, their sig others, my parents) that he was thankful for a good night's sleep. I added, "Yes, when he started hacking up a lung last night, I said, "do you think you might take that cough down to the basement couch?" Our 10 year-old pounced on my comment, "Except you didn't really say it like that Mom. You're like "Paul, I can't take it anymore! Sleep in the BASEMENT!"

  6. By the way, next time please warn us to use the potty before watching clips that funny!!!

  7. Thanks for making me smile. And for stopping by while I have been absent. I appreciate it a lot.

  8. Hi Susan,

    Ah yes, kids say the darndest things. And sometimes those darndest things are lessons that adults could learn from. Art Linkletter, another great Canadian import to America :)

  9. My son, when he was about 2 1/2 years old, got frustrated with his carseat and said, "This is broken. Broken like my life!" I have no idea where he got that. My daughter has provided me some whoppers, too. Love it!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  10. I remember both versions of the show, and I always liked them! It must be so much fun having grandchildren, and they really sound adorable.

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  12. That was fun..... watching Art Linkletter again. I too, think we are too busy as mothers to appreciate the wisdom and humor that comes out of our kids mouths but we have more time to listen to our grandchildren. Ain't that a pity.


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