Thursday, September 6, 2012

PhotoPrompt: Lined up and Ready to go!

Source: Delores @thefeatherednest

Mommy said the old house across this street was gonna be tornd-ed down.  That the big yellow machines would come and zam blatt roar!  The house will be mowed down.   Just like that!

I got my trucks and yellow machines all ready.  When they need extra help, man oh man, I’m gonna help ‘em. 

See?  They’re lined up and ready to go!


  1. Oh yes. I can hear my brothers, my nephews, my great nephews. Destruction is a thing of beauty to all of them.

  2. haha all ready to tear things up and then build it back to form, then tear it up again, was always fun to do.

  3. So cute! My little brother has one of those trucks, but he prefers to stick our puppy in it and push her down the hill in our backyard. Strangely the puppy loves it. :)


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