Wednesday, September 12, 2012

PhotoPrompt: The Clock Strikes

Okay, Harold.  We made it to the clock, and yes! I see the time.  It’s not my fault we’re late.

Oh, come on, Joyce!  You are always making us late.  How far have we traveled today…and how many times have we waited for you?

Harold, if you keep this up, I will not allow you to dive into that plate of crostino with garlic bread…

Hey, you two!  We have had enough of this!  If we had known how you bicker non-stop, we would not have invited you on this trip!

Sorry, Leticia!  Harold is so erratic; I can never follow him anywhere.  On the flight over, he made me drop my shrimp…

Okay, ladies!  Here we are!  See the 3:25 tour bus!  I get the fat bald guy; Joyce, you take out the big redhead.  Leticia, you hit the skinny guy with the comb-over. 

And, it’s bombs awaaaaaayyyyy!


  1. Funny...reminds me of Gertrude and Heathcliffe (Red Skelton).

  2. hahaha the poor bald guy has nothing to hide it, at least he can wipe it off easy though.

  3. And after the bombs fly, we will add insult to injury and do our best to make off with their lunches. There is every chance that they will be so intimidated by us, and afraid of our bombs that they will give in fast. Squeeee.


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