Monday, August 20, 2012


Lily and Violet with puppy 'Dusty'

“Mummy said that Dusty could be
my own little puppy, if I sat
nice and quietly while Papa
takes this photo!
“Mummy will not you keep
this puppy, and you know that!
Remember what happened
to little Tutu
when she let you have him!”
“But I’m a big girl now!  And
I want Dusty as my own puppy!”
“Think again, girl!  You
won’t get him!  I
will make sure of it!”

Take the darn photo, Pops!
Then I am so outta here!


  1. Holy cow...what DID happen to TuTu? ;0)
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. Gram would have gotten a kick out of that.

  3. I won't comment on Dusty, instead I want to say that I love the template of this blog. Is it new? I started to sign up to follow it, but it turns out I already do. It's just beautiful!

  4. Oh my, wasn't "Tutu" in the "Wizard of Oz"? Oops, ignore me, that was "Toto" and not to be mistaken with the band of the same name.
    Nice one, Susan :)
    Your starstruck fan, Gary

  5. Can't blame Tutu for wanting to run, has way more patience than the cat haha

  6. Siblings, sometimes a love/hate relationship, but usually a friendship that lasts a lifetime.

  7. Why introduce the child to the animal if the animal isn't going to stay?

  8. Brilliant take, on a challenging prompt. Thank you.


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