Monday, August 20, 2012

PhotoPrompt: At the Fair

Little girl at the county fair

Here is this week’s photo choice.  What will you write? 

There are many, many possibilities here. 

Sometime this week, copy and paste this photo on a post at your site.  Write a short something—prose, poetry, flash fiction, whatever. There are no limits with these photos!  Link it back to this site, if you could.

Look at the list of participants on the right sidebar and go to those sites!  You will always find a post there that entertains and surprises!

Thanks!  Susan Kane


  1. Gonna break the horse out, just sitting there planning.

  2. Great photo prompt Susan...the wheels are grinding.

  3. Aha! I think it must have been you who gave me the idea of doing a photo prompt! I knew I'd seen it somewhere and was trying to remember who it was that inspired me! I hope it's ok that I decided to do it - let me know if you want me to credit you as my inspiration for doing so!

    That looks like a huge horse! It reminds me of a couple of months ago when I was in Sweden and stumbled across a circus in the forest. There were horses in little pens like this and huge elephants tied to trees!

  4. Oh my. The epitome child for INTENSE CONCENTRATION.


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