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Where to go?  What to do?
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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Success is measured by...

Day after day, we bloggers face a white page on the screen.  Somehow all of us find something that we find worthy to say.

Maybe it will be profound and moving.
Maybe it will be a cry for help.
Maybe it will be an observation that has inspired the writer.

Whatever the blogger puts out there for all to read, it is a part of that person's heart and life.  While it is really truly incredibly impossible to roam around to all those site, we can give our respect and responses to those we do reach.

AND sometimes...
a blogger takes a big huge leap into publishing a book.  I do not know all these writers but I will list/show as many as I can.

Pat Hatt

Amazon Best Sellers!
Alex Cavanaugh, host of many many blogfest
Dee Ready
Dee Ready's first book
Elisa's tribute to her son Zach
Melynda Fleury
Roland Yeomans (but I cannot remember his site URL)
Cora Buhlert

To these authors and all other authors who faithfully write and hope, I say



  1. It's always a good thing to give a boost to anther writer. Good job Susan. I'll check into those.

    1. Publishing a book is such a challenge, and I admire these brave souls.

  2. It's these acts of thoughtfulness and generosity that help to sustain writers in the online writing community!
    Thank you, Susan.

    1. My life has been enriched by this blogging/writing community. It is time to give back.

  3. Great show of Bloggy love! Awesome!
    Blessings, Joanne

    1. I would suggest a song to sing, but it would be just me in my little computer room....

  4. Awwww!! Huzzah to you too!!! Yay for all these fine and wonderful bloggie writers with their amazing books!!! Let not the tyranny of the blank page intimidate! I sound like Yoda there for a minute! :-) Take care

    1. Yoda you are not, but smart you be...wait, that's not quite right...Thanks for writing!

  5. The blank page usually fills with nonsense from the cat, but once in a while something comes out into a book haha, thanks a ton for including me in the run.

    1. Someday, Pat, I look forward to a book about you, your cats, and adventures. It would have to be censored, of course, but it would be great!

  6. All writers need a boost and how nice of you to remind us of the wonderful writing that is out there.

  7. Dear Susan, and huzzah!!!! to you for displaying all these covers! Dulcy and I both thank you for including her first book and her companion book among these others written by fellow bloggers. Peace.

  8. Someday I hope I'll have a book cover that you can put up. This was a nice tribute.

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