Monday, June 11, 2012

PhotoPrompt #6: The Old Man


What do you see in this man's face?  What is he seeing?  What might he be thinking or doing?

Take a chance and leap into writing a quick flash fiction, prose, poetry--whatever.  Just link it back to this photo and its source (which can be found under the photo).

Then be bold and check out the following sites, who are or might be posting their own photoprompt, just for you.  Think of it exercising the little gray cells!

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Tuesday, June 12, I am being featured as guest host at the A-to-Z Reflections.  Please click on the badge on the right side bar.  I will also be posting my own take on the old man.


  1. He's trying to find Yoda and ask for some sage advice.

    1. I doubt he will find Yoda in this dimension.

  2. He has never done it before, but now finally in the winter of his life, he is finally going to do it. He swallows hard, gets out of the car, goes inside the station and asks for directions. Oh, if only Elizabeth, his late wife had lived to see this day.

  3. I see the most interesting man in the world having just got some bad news.

    1. Like, maybe his favorite Dos XX has a lite version now?

  4. I have to wait til it speaks to me....sometimes it takes a while. He looks very gentle though.

    1. I loved the b/w photo, the lines, the whiskers, the body attitude. So many ways to go with this one.

  5. No gray cells today, not a one. He looks a person who could join in your blog title with an overweight tomcat on his knees.


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