Friday, June 1, 2012

List of Gotta Do

I have a whole list of ‘gotta do’ going in my head.  It is a long list, and it is crowding out every thought circling around inside my skull.
Gotta:  Finish the baby quilts.  Almost done, these quilts are so precious.  I thought of my grandson with each piece and hoped that someday he would know how much he is loved on this side of the Atlantic.
Gotta:  Clean up my sewing mess.  Oh, my.  The mess of threads, scraps of trimmings, strips of batting, and folded up fabric pieces that will find their way into another quilt—they are scattered around my television room.  
 Why not in the sewing room?  It is too small and has no table large enough to lay fabrics side by side to see how they balance each other.  So my TV room looks like an exploded quilt.
Gotta:  Dust.  Dust—it is layering up on every surface in this house.  Soon it will be thick enough to put into a quilt as its own batting.  I am allergic to dust.  Allergic to pollen.  Allergic to tiny fibers from fabric, those tiny fibers that float in the house after a season of cutting on cotton.

Dust, cat hair, pollen, just about anything...

Gotta:  Find a person (besides myself and my husband) willing to enter this den of dust and clean it out. 

I will pay good money for this.  And, I will make that person a lovely quilt.


  1. And then send them over to the den of dust at my house.

  2. Funny stuff! The dust being a layer of batting--bwahahaha. It's time for me to bring out the ole dust rag today here, too. My boy was practicing his cursive on the end table with just his finger. Oy. Your fabric stash is enviable. I acutally like to organize things. It's keeping them that way that I fail.

  3. i would dust for a lovely quilt!

  4. you can always just stuff it under your bed or in a closet like my kids do

  5. hahaha so nice to find someone to do it for us, I've been slacking in that department too, just don't feel like it.

  6. Oh yeah, we all live that life. Gotta do, gotta, gotta! It ever ends.

  7. Writing out lots of "gotta do" lists is the perfect reason to buy fancy notepads/notelets and other bits of fancy and colourful writing paper...


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