Monday, June 18, 2012

Boy on the Bridge

Source: I Heart My Snap
Boy on the bridge
What do you see here, looking at the boy on the bridge?  Is he waiting for someone?  Looking for someone?  Remembering something?  Click on the source to visit the site from which this photo originated.

Use this photo to create a short piece of fiction.  It can be prose, poetry, ...whatever you desire.

On Monday whoever has a photo to post will do so..we may have more than one so there will be a choice to work from..if no one posts a photo on Monday Delores has promised that she will dig around and find one.

In the right side bar is a list of bloggers who have said they will try to have a photo up and running.  Check them out throughout the week!

My apologies to all whom I have confused!  I posted my take on the PhotoPrompt before I put up the photo.  

Blame it on a senior moment, brain fog, migraine moment, or being hasty!  Sorry!


  1. Looking for those scary aliens to fight off their probe.

  2. Pictures are great prompts because a single image means different things to different people.

  3. Great photo. I wish I could get it together to do a post. Ha!

  4. It's good to do things backwards every now and then. :) You do a great little boy, btw!

  5. Awesome blog! This post was very good and inspiring! :)



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