Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Many thanks to Delores @ The Feathered Nest  for this lovely soiree.

An invite to a party?  To a blog party at Gary's site  Man.  It has been decades since I have been to a fling like this.  I was young then.  Thin.

The model looks fabulous....

First, the dress.  NO, first the fat-suppressing undergarment.
 Ugghhh…Grrrooan…Ouch…Inhale, exhale…..snap, hook, zip…tug, tug…ahhh, it is on.  Now, pray for no hot-flashes.

Next, the dress.  Let’s see what I have in here. No. No.  Oh, heavens, no!  What was I thinking when I bought that??  Oh, there you are.  I forgot all about you.  I will call you ‘vintage’, and everyone will think I am clever.


Hose?  Yes, varicose veins aren’t attractive. 

Shoes—I can stand these in short chunks of time, say, three minutes at a time.

Make-up, check.  Done by the stylist who disguised my gray, and plucked my brows.

I decided against the nose ring.

Honey?  Honey?  Are you ready?  You’re wearing THAT?  Fine.  Fine.  You can stand by the window, behind the curtains, with the rest of the husbands who insisted on sandals and white socks, Duluth™ firehouse jeans, suspenders, and that new flannel plaid shirt. 

(We have pulled up in our 1999 Nissan Altima, and parked behind a Hummer.)

The music…Listen!  They’re playing “Lady in Red”…honey?  Oh, I see, the curtains…all your astronomy club friends are there.  Hi, Ernest!

I wish, Delores, I could say that I danced all night, sang Karaoke with Elisa, and handled my champagne with the best of them.  But, I said “Hi!” to Gary, showed off for five minutes, and then started yawning.

It was time for American Idol, and my honey never misses that.  Besides it will take me half the night to get out of the #$%@ girdle and to scrape the make-up off my face. 

But, I had a grand time, and everyone looked awesome.  Congratulations, again, Gary, on your 5th anniversary as a blogger! 
Happy 5th Anniversary, Gary!

Please click on the address beneath the Moet to visit Gary's site and wish all the best!!


  1. Susan you look divine...honestly, those shoes. I could die. Really. You know the great thing about virtual parties is that you can wear the shoes all night, drink champagne until the sun comes up and have no ill effects. Drop in anytime today..the party is in full swing. Gary is wearing his white dinner jacket and looks fabulous.

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  2. Ooh, beautiful dress! :D Huzzah for blog parties!

  3. Dear Susan,
    A witty blog! Thank you for sharing with us the evening out--and the preparations that lasted longer than the party!


  4. Hi Susan,
    Wow and thanks! Everyone looked awesome and you looked awesomely wonderful. I might say that those shoes and that dress, made me jealous. However, that's another story. Moving very swiftly on....I was the shy, humble, unassuming guest of honour at Delores' superb fifth anniversary blogging party for me, yes, me, shy, humble unassuming, me :) Thank you for noting me and I'm truly grateful for your very clever and very funny posting.
    Party on! Kind wishes from the dude in the white dinner jacket :)

  5. You didn't mention that you feet were giving you grief as a reason for your early departure. I am sure it was an honest error.
    They, and you. looked wonderful.
    And doesn't Delores throw a wonderful party?

  6. If that girdle made you look like that girl in the picture sign me up! I want one for sure :)

  7. Love the pics. That dress is awesome. You should go for the nose ring. Why not? Live a little.


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