Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Blogfest!
Love is in the air….

Well, here it is Valentine’s Day.  Its importance has exploded and become a rolling industry all on its own.  What are the big indicators?

The day after the ‘Happy New Year!’ stuff was taken out of the stores, the Valentine candy was on the shelves.  The Christmas cards were out of the Hallmark windows and the hearts were in. 

Women do not worry about what to give their men; they really don’t have to worry.  It is the male population that scurries around looking for cards and gifts.  I am fairly certain it has to do with sex. 

The commercials have recently struck me for their placement and flow.  Commercials mostly seem disjointed, with no connection to each other. This set was a surprise.

You should see the REALLY big bear!

First, A GIGANTIC teddy bear (as advertised by Vermont Teddy Bear) is referred to as “Hunk of Love”.  It is six feet tall, and touted as the ultimate for the girlfriend.  The catch phrases:  Where Size Matters, and Sure to Pay Off for You. Hunka love

Second was the Pajama Gram commercial, with awfully cute size 2 young women prancing about in fleecy pajamas.  The promise is:  Sure to Heat Things Up, Appeal to the Sexy and Sweet Side. Heat things up!

Third was a stretch at first but made more sense later.  It was:  5 Hour Energy drink.  It comes in a small bottle and promises, no, absolutely guarantees that this little bottle will give the drinker renewed energy. 

Then the connect-the-dots became a little jagged.  The creativity lost its flow.  The fourth commercial was for Alka-Seltzer which should provide instant relief for heartburn.  Perhaps romance involves over-eating and excessive alcohol consumption?

Cheerios is good for all members of the family....

Fifth was Whole Grain Cheerios, which has been shown to lower cholesterol. I gather it contributes to all the members of the family.

And, dismally, sixth was regarding Hip Replacement Law suits.  It is true: an active life style will cause joint damage.

Feeling hot and going strong....

So, there you have it.  The string of commercials started strong and steamy, went through the stages of man, ending with hip replacement.

Perhaps I am being hasty in dismissing the connections.  All that was missing was a Viagra or Cialis advertisement between the 5 hour Energy drink and the Alka-Seltzer.  Did I miss that commercial?

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  1. How very sad! Thank goodness we still have some tv channels without adverts. :0)

  2. That's a sad ending...from cute teddy bears to aging and scarred grandpa bears who paid the price for their sport.

  3. HA! Perhaps the transition from 5-hour energy to alka-seltzer was so quick, there wasn't a need for Viagra!

    That's sad but hilarious!

    Happy Tuesday,

  4. Ha ha ha...I really wish I could post a picture here to add to your contribution of love disillusionment, what can I say...even though our little party of the 3 musketeers has not been invited to any big ball, I am still a romantic at heart. I enjoyed your post :)

  5. Dear Susan,
    Arleen seems to have hit the nail squarely on its head--the graying of America!


  6. The Hallmark Holidays tend to make me a little twisted, but I loved the ads you showed. Easter eggs/cards etc and hot cross buns are already in our stores. Sigh.

  7. I love how it led to hip replacement LOL!

  8. Your post is hilarious!
    Men, this is what will happen to you on valentines day, but remember, no effort yields no nooky!
    Firstly you are going to have bring out the fluffy toys to let her know you are trying.
    Then you are going to have to be sure she is wearing pajamas that are totally off putting.
    Next comes that energy boost you are going to need to overcome the above problem, self inflicted of course, you should have visited that interesting looking lingerie store.
    It'll take about half an hour before you have to interrupt your smooching so you can attend to the heartburn generated but your lack of energy, which as I said, is your own fault.
    By now the kids are restless so you'll be making a detour to the kitchen to give them something to keep them quiet and then in your haste to get back to where you want to be anyway, you'll trip and fall down the stairs resulting in major surgery.
    But hey, it's worth the risk, isn't it? It is isn't it?
    Oh well, next year maybe you should just get some Viagra and surprise her. Now that would be worth it.
    :) Geoff.


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