Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Battle for Space and Grandma Housely

Sounds from the heavens rose to great heights....

The old church was a lovely peaceful place to worship with its great acoustics: wood plank floor, white plastered walls, oak pews, and vaulted wood ceiling.
Many worshipers found peace here....

Sounds bounced around that sanctuary.  Music, whispers from the back row, giggles from teenagers, and even the crinkle of a candy wrapper were  heard by the congregants.

A young family found a spot in the third row from the altar.  Coming late made the front pews the only ones open.  The three children settled in for the sermon. The oldest girl went to sit with a friend, while the mother took the fussy baby girl to the adjoining nursery where she could hear the sermon through the intercom.

The father smiled benignly through most of the sermon before dropping off to sleep. This was not uncommon, but usually the wife gave him the elbow jab.  Not today.

That left the three-year old boy who found enjoyment with his double-jointed fingers and his imagination.  Fingers could become galloping horses or speeding race cars.  Today his fingers were alien spaceships.  They were engaged in a fierce battle.

As the struggle for space domination heated up, the boy stood up to use the back ledge of the second row pew to help better stage the drama. 

Sweet Grandma Housely always sat there in the second row pew.  People who visited the church often commented on this saintly woman with her fluffy white hair and lovely pink hat. 

Bless her heart; Grandma Housely was blind, and very hard of hearing.  She could just hear the sermon if she sat in that spot, with her hearing aid cranked up to high.

The little boy situated himself directly behind her precious white head, and resumed the space battle. 

Zooommm.  Ch-ch-ch-ch!  Aaaaaa…kabooooom!  Crashhhhhh.  The fingers/spaceships faced off on either side of the white hair, pink hat planet.

The fingers/spaceships met at the pinnacle of the hat, and collided in a glorious explosion.  Kerrrr-aasshhhh!  Nooooo…ker-ploom!  P-shhhhhhh! 

The congregation held its breath, watching the battle, and waiting for the space debris to shower down on Grandma Housely’s head.  The pastor had paused to allow the dying alien fighters some dignity.

The final notes of music filled the church just about then.  Church ended.

Dear Grandma Housely stood and turned around.  “What a precious family you have,” she smiled to the young couple.  “So quiet, I didn’t hear a thing from them!”


Many glorious sounds reach to the heavens....


  1. Another Sunday, another blessing...

  2. A lovely read, and I do respect the sanctuary of your fellowship. Being critically introverted, I always shied from congregations with respect to my claustrophobic tendencies. However, the solace of being in nature has always brought peace and tranquility to my heart. Thank you for such a nice posting.

  3. Dear old soul and a collective sigh of relief from the family no doubt.

  4. Hahahaha so clever. I could so see something like that happening in my church. :-D

  5. The fall out could have been a great deal worse.

  6. Aw, I liked this. Sweet and funny. Kids will be kids, especially when daddy is sleeping in the pew.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  7. Loved it! I could just see that little guy, entertaining the crowd! I thought for awhile he was going to wake up his daddy, but the episode behind the granny was much funnier. Our poor pastors, gazing out to see the nodding off and sleeping parishioners! I bet it's hard sometimes to keep their thoughts when the little ones are so engaging!

  8. This gave me such a giggle thank you Susan. What a lovely story.

  9. Dear Penny,
    A story that drew me in from the beginning. The section of the little boy playing spaceship was extraordinarily well done. Thank you for making me grin at his total immersion in his pageant!


  10. Dear Susan,
    So sorry to have used Penny's name in my comment. I was aware of you and yet typed her name because I'd just been to her blog. I apologize for the miscue.



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