Friday, October 14, 2011

The Waiting Bride


Dorothy had seen the phantom bride of Bog’s Creek many times.  She was only six when she had skipped towards the creek, seeing the shimmering white form with lighted candles in a silver candelabra.  “Whatcha doin’?”  Dorothy had called.  The bride had disappeared in a mist.

Over the years, Dorothy had called to her.  The bride would hesitate for just a second.  Then she began to turn her head ever so slightly.

Each time, the bride remained just a little longer, turning her head just a bit more.  The candles flickered and glowed.

When Dorothy was almost 20, she again went to Bog’s Creek.  Twisting and turning the diamond ring on her finger, Dorothy’s steps were heavy and reluctant.  The ring was heavy, a burden almost, and a reminder of her looming wedding.

As Dorothy stepped within arm’s reach, the phantom bride turned, looking full into Dorothy’s eyes.  The candles illuminated her pale visage.

Dorothy gasped in recognition.  “You!  Your face is my face!”

The bride gestured to the water and then held out her hand.  Hand and hand, Dorothy and the phantom bride descended into the water’s depths.

p.s.  This is the third story in the Bride stories.  It has been greatly entertaining, and challenging to look at the same photo three ways!  Susan


  1. Wow...chilling. Why the heck didn't she just take the damn ring off and throw IT in the water? Imagine all those years looking at your future and not knowing it.....chilly chilly chilly.

  2. Again, I started to shudder.

    I'm with Delores, run for it.

  3. Well you certainly do know how to spin a tale to curl the toes lady! haha. Nicely done and very intriguing.

  4. I just went back to read the second. I love reading your writing on this picture!

  5. Just loved this! Ghost stories are great and you really captured my imagination :)

  6. Dear Susan, As I've said before--you have an awesome imagination.

    Quite bone-tingling.


  7. Spine tingling tale, loved it - more please :)


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