Saturday, October 8, 2011

Go to...

Today I decided to direct you all to my other site, Susan Kane, Writer.

I have posted "Who ARE these people?!"  which goes to my focus in the book (yet unpublished!), In Preacher's Creek.

"In the small rural town in the 1950s, where everyone knows the town's secrets and past, Kent and Ellen Jo Carter set about to explore.  They bring to light and force the town to confront deeper secrets and long-held prejudices.  The challenges of a post-War era bring changes to a town locked in its history and past."

Thanks for checking this out!  Susan


  1. I'm with Ann Best and Elisa---heading over to the OK corral. Translation: your other web site.


  2. Dear Susan, thanks so much for commenting on my Saturday posting about convent table-waiting. That last line, which you liked, was so true! I was always getting sent to either the college or the convent chapel to think over what I'd just done. I didn't mean to be a rebel, but somehow life just seems silly to me at times.



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