Sunday, October 16, 2011

Food, Glorious Food!

From the movie "Oliver Twist"

“Open this door right now!”  Sunshine pounded on the pantry door with all the fury a three-year old can muster.  She glared up at me, the towering Grandma, and waited. 

Looking down at this little blonde blue-eyed monster girl, I burst out in spontaneous laughter.  Her eyes grew bigger, and her chin trembled just a bit.  I scooped her up with a hug and kiss, taking her to Grandpa’s lap. 
"Please, sir!  May I have more?"

Sunshine was an eating machine three-year old.   She wanted something every 15 minutes or so.  I guess the 15 minute mark had passed, and that pantry door was supposed to open and give her what she wanted/needed:  food.
More?  Sir?  More?

Food is perhaps the only thing in life that is work in obtaining, essential for living, and pleasure in consuming.  Very few activities we do contains all three elements.

Dating back to early man, the hunting and gathering of food was done most effectively as a community.  Greater numbers meant greater success, fed the whole community. 

Who wants seconds?  Anyone?  Anyone?

Then that community would prepare/cook the food as a group.  They all hunkered by the fire and ate.  During this process, bonds of friendship and support were formed.  Stories were told with great embellishment, children fell asleep in the mothers’ arms, and people survived.

Today is World Food Day.  There will be many discussions regarding food, each from a different perspective, each pointing to the central fact:  everyone needs food to live. 

If a man hungers, you give him food.  If a man thirsts, you give him something to drink.  If a man needs shelter or clothes, you provide for him.  If you do this, even the lowest of man, you are doing it for God.  When the opportunity to provide food arises, what should our response be?

When my other granddaughter Bright Eyes was hungry, her mommy once asked her, “What kind of food do you want?”  Her answer?  “Nummy food!”

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  1. Bright Eyes is soooo darling LOL!

    Oh and this is such a good point: "Food is perhaps the only thing in life that is work in obtaining, essential for living, and pleasure in consuming."

    I've never thought of it that way before :)

  2. Dear Susan, the sentence Elisa quoted is the one that really struck me as I read it. It's so true, yet I've never thought that way about food.

    I've just read a mystery novel that features a woman farmer who loves her Harley and I learned a lot about dairy farming and raising crops to feed the animals. I know I forget the small farmers in our country, and I would like somehow to encourage them to hold on. About the only thing I can do is to buy food locally grown.

    Finally, thank you, Susan, for commenting on my Saturday posting about dishwashing in the convent. It could be, at the best of time, a great help in mindfulness.


  3. jumping over from BAD11...

    def agree with the statement....Food is perhaps the only thing in life that is work in obtaining, essential for living, and pleasure in consuming.

    we have in many ways become detatched from where our food comes from...

  4. Now I'm hungry again :) See - I can't cook worth anything, I'm very very scared of the kitchen in the same way I'm terrified of the dentist. But I do love to grow food, so I guess that's my contribution. This was a beautiful post - I'm off to take a look at your link - thanks for stopping by earlier
    Laura x

  5. So true, even though I eat the same thing over and over again, food is needed.

  6. My parents never let us waste any food, no matter how bad it tasted (thank goodness, we had a dog who sat under the table). Mom and Dad lived through the Depression and WWII when food was rationed. They knew what it was not to have. Today I go the these giant food stores with so many choices and in some ways, it seems so decadent to me. While there is so much available, there are so many without.

    As usual, a great post.


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