Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Coming of Age

This has been a full year for me, a crazy twelve months.  From this time in 2010 to now, it seems that parts of me have been torn and scattered across the country.

My mother's final year was one that cut me up inside.  She died April 2011.
Since then, I have been trying to find myself, and reassemble all the pieces that went missing during that year.  While not complete, I believe we are nearly there. 

We’d better get busy on finishing, though, because I have a big, and I mean huge, birthday coming up:  6-0. 

Sixty!  When I was young, people who were sixty were nearing the end of their lives.  Sixty was old, really old.  

 Now?  Look at all the celebrities who sixty and older:
Betty White, 89…Clint Eastwood, 80…Carol Burnett, 78…Sean Connery, 81…Jane Fonda,74…Susan Sarandon, 65…Meryl Streep, 60…Barbara Streisand, 69…  They are still alive, working, affecting society, looking good.   

Well, okay, we can presuppose that there might have been some assistance in the ‘looking good’ department.
The celebrity whose age parallels mine is ELVIRA, Mistress of the Dark!  Yes, she too is 60 years old.  Somehow, this means a lot to me.

Which finally brings this to the real news:  my husband John, daughter Erin, son John4, daughter Mary & husband Richard, and I are having a pre-birthday gathering at this very moment in Washington, DC. 

We are rejoicing, celebrating, hootin’ and hollerin’ about my 60th birthday.  ( My son-in-law is staying home with Sunshine and Bright Eyes, who will get in on the actual birthday in December.)
But, the point is that the defining factor in one’s life is not the age. 

What is the defining factor?  When I find that one out, I will certainly let you know.  I have a feeling there is more than one involved.


  1. years and age are an artificial measurement of Bon Jovi would say, I want to live while I'm alive.

  2. Yeah age really doesn't matter much any more, seems we are living better for the most part, or at least longer. You find that factor let me know..haha

  3. I'm in agreement with you, Susan, and with your first two commentators--Delores and Pat--that age really doesn't matter. EXCEPT--it can matter when we haven't taken care of our bodies and they begin to rebel.

    I'm 75 and in the last two years I've had my rt. knee replaced, rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder, two cataract operations, two laser operations for glaucoma, and several months of light treatment for a rare kind of skin cancer.

    All of that has made me, at times, feel old.

    But then something will happen: I will hear Tony Bennett croon a song by Cole Porter or I will hear a meadowlark or I will solve a tough logic problem and I will know that age means nothing. I'm still me. Eager for life.

    Happy 60th!


  4. Have a wonderful time! :0) My mom just turned 61. She's still having the time of her life playing the drums and everything. Her spirit seems to get younger with age. I hope I will grow to be as amazing as both of you are!

  5. Hope you continue to heal.
    Happy birthday early! I still have a few years to go, but it no longer looks old to me either. Funny how that happens.

  6. These bad years come along and hit us for six and they take some getting over but we do, the healing process can be slow, but heal we do and our families and friends help in that process. Sixty is not old and the closer I come to it the more I believe that. Remember the lines of a song 'youth is wasted on the young ......' it is so very true, let's make the most of every day we have - a very happy birthday to you when it arrives.

  7. Happy Birthday!! I LOVE your attitude. Aging is something I struggle off and on with, but I find it is so important to read about people who just embrace it and glow. Loved this, thank you.


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