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Cast of Characters!

Welcome to the "Cast of Characters"!  I elected to reference previous posts, which are chock-a-block with photos and such.  I hope you don't mind the extra work.  Thanks for popping over to check out my characters!  Susan Kane

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Book:  In Preacher’s Creek

Setting:  1950s, rural Illinois, farming community, small town of Preacher’s Creek: Pop. 627

Main character(s):  Ellen Jo Carter, age 4 ½ yrs., and brother Kent James Carter, age 6 yrs.

Interview with M/C:

This interview was fun to do.  Ellen Jo is very introspective and strong in her loyalty.  This interview reveals some of her characteristics.

This site is where the collage of photos put into a blender would produce the characters of Preacher’s Creek. 

The back story of this book follows;

At the bend of the creek where the water bows and sweeps over smooth rocks, a small town was planted by some either very brave or very weary pioneers.  These travelers had come from all over Europe and Scandinavia seeking a better life than had been theirs in the old country.  At the shores of the Atlantic, travelers followed other bends in other creeks, climbed over hills and mountains following animal paths, and wondered where their new home would be. 

By the time this particular bend in the creek had been met, the wagons sagged to the ground and the oxen started grazing.  One person, Annabelle Lister Johnson, made the decision.  “This is where you’ll be born,” she told the child inside her rounded womb.

Years pass, the settlement grew from a few rough cabins to a town with mud streets, true houses, a school and a dry-goods store.  Eventually, four churches popped up around the school, politics in the form of the town council joined in the growth.  The town survived smallpox, measles, several water-born diseases, a Civil War, and a name-change.  Originally called “Bow Town” after the Bow Creek, the town now was “Preacher’s Creek”. 

Towns evolve.  Disasters and successes, births and deaths—all mix together in a small town.  The names that started the town are still strung all over the population and through the blood of the town.  New names joined in over the years, and family lineage blended with the town’s history. 

This is the story of Preacher’s Creek, population 627 on any given day.  The time period of this story is the 1950s, after World War II.  The men who survived have returned to their hometown and have picked up their lives.  Some returned to the family farms, some learned trades and set up businesses, and some found jobs in the surrounding communities.  The women who waited for these men are now wives and mothers.   This is part of the booming economy during which the infrastructure of current America blossomed.

Among those men and women is the Carter family, Joe and Louise Carter, with a growing family.  Preacher’s Creek, being a close-knit community which knows each and every resident by name and by ancestry, is the kingdom in which Ellen Jo and Kent Carter hold court.  Or reign terror, either one. 

In Preacher’s Creek is the story of a town, its people, history, and struggles, as seen through the eyes and words of these children.


  1. This sounds like a very interesting story. A lot of research must have gone into creating it!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. It sounds soooo good! I especially love the setting. I grew up in a small town and that makes me want to read this even more :)

  3. It sounds like a great story. :)

    Enjoyed reading your bloghop entry!

  4. I'm sure I could get into a story like this one!

  5. I am so intrigued! I love stories about growing up in the 50's, as I can relate! I can't wait to hear more and read more!

  6. I love stories that take place in small towns...they have the best secrets!
    Blessings, Joanne


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