Friday, June 3, 2011

Wikipedia Blogfest Flash

Arlington Baptist High School is located in Baltimore, Maryland.  Established in 1975 as an extension of the Arlington Baptist Church, the high school participated in many sports. It was a successful church and school, soon expanding to elementary and middle school classes. Later, it added a nursing home, a retirement complex, and a cemetery. 

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Baltimore was his home, his place of safety. Cable stood in the shadows in front of his old high school, Arlington Baptist High School. ‘Man, I was so young then, so strong,’ Cable thought, throwing his last cigarette on the street.

Memories of basket ball, the upbeat attitudes, the prayer before class—all flooded in on him in a wall of images. What had happened? Life happened, along with the drugs, the military, the secrets.

Cable picked up the cheap suitcase, groaning as the familiar pain lanced through him. ‘Damn cancer!’ he cursed. He limped across the street, and into the lobby of the Arlington Baptist Retirement and Care Center. A pretty woman his age looked up at him, expectantly.

Cable took her in, and saw the name, “Kathy Marks”.  ‘She was the cute cheerleader I was all hot about,’ Cable silently chuckled. “Can I help you, Mr….?”

“Yeah, I need to become a resident,” Cable slurred as he handed her documents and required statements. “And, I’ll be looking to buy a cemetery lot, real soon.”

Kathy looked up at him steadily, and then down at the papers. “Right this way, Mr. Cable. We’ve been expecting you.”


  1. Intriguing piece! I have to wonder what happened in his past.

    I love the idea of this blogfest--the Random Article link can take you to some pretty interesting information.

  2. This is excellent, Susan!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post where I wondered if after writing my memoir I can write something else. You said: Of course you can still write. It's like riding a bicycle.

    This is so true, isn't it?! And how better to say it than with a concrete image.
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  3. Innnnnteresting! Well done Susan! Good luck!

  4. I'm intrigued and want more! Amazing what you have conveyed in such a short piece!


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