Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stupid Things I Have Done: #348

photo courtesy of; sky courtesy of God

Yesterday I found myself lying by the pool under a cerulean sky.  The sun had not reached its apogee, and the air still had that early morning feel.  The concrete’s warmth seeped into me slowly, toasting all the parts of my body that ached.  Soon the sun would creep over the roof of our house, and I would spend the rest of the day doing—doing what, I wondered.

Not my pool...someone else has it.
I trailed my left hand through the coolness of the pool’s water, wishing I had thought to put on a suit and go swimming.  Instead I was lying on my back and thinking one particular thought.

‘What the hell just happened!!’

I do not swear, even under the most extreme circumstances, and then only when I am alone.  At that moment, I was in too much agony to summon up more than some sincere moans.

Accidents usually happen quickly, like the strike of a rattlesnake.  This one was a true slow sprawl, but one that I could not veer away from or avoid.

The events leading up to this were so uninteresting: the pool needed water, and I went outside to turn on the spigot.  Then I noticed that the strainer basket had some stray leaves that needed to be emptied.  I knelt down on both knees and reached into the strainer, pulled out the leaves.  This is when everything “…went to hell in a hand basket…”, as my father-in-law used to say. 
Note: bruising down the palm!

When I moved to stand up, I forgot that my right ankle was kinda broken, and that it wouldn’t support me.  “OH, NO!” was all I could say as I sprawled gracelessly forward.  My right knee came down the two inches to the concrete, then the right side of my ribs, and finally my right hand.
Note: bulge below little finger

After I hit, I rolled onto my back, groaning in utter pain and in total frustration. 

That was when I noticed the sky.

Author’s note:  Ribs are okay, just bruised.  X-ray of right hand doesn’t show any broken bones that Dr. can see.  Just have a severe sprain, and OH-BOY-HOWDY, that hurts like nobody’s business.


  1. And woosh. I hope that you are feeling better soon. Broken ankle and sprained wrist must be leading to endless frustration.

  2. Poor thing after another. Do you have a health store that sells homeopathic remedies near you...if they do...get some arnica pellets. You will be amazed at how they speed up healing.

  3. Oh that sounds painful, hpe you feel better soon!

  4. Not having a good week are you Susan! My suggestion is to stay in bed for a week and have someone deliver you an Orange Crush Martini every few hours. Make sure they put a straw in it so you don't roll your wrist again. The orange in the martini contains calcium, iron and potassium, all the minerals you will need to heal sooner. It will also help ease the pain.

    Dr. Arleen

  5. Ok so we have some things in common apperently. haha I do the same kind of stuff all the time. My poor husband swears he is going to wrap me in bubble wrap except for my head.. I told him well then I will just fall on my head. (which unfortunatly is a true story. I probably would:( )

  6. Oh my Goodness!!!! You have had a run of bad luck lately! Time to wrap yourself in bubble wrap; can't be too careful ya know! Take care. Blessings, Joanne

  7. Dang! First your ankle and now your hand! Oy! How did you even type this post!?? ((hugs)) Get better soon!

  8. Oh dear, Susan. I hope you heal quickly.

  9. I really hope you are feeling better now! You certainly seem to be accident prone!


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