Tuesday, June 21, 2011

#347a: The Saga

At the City Museum

The saga continues.  What was a stupid thing done two months ago has awoken. 
In reference to “Stupid Things I Have Done: #347”, I need to renumber this post to be “#347a”.  To see the original post, go here: Click HERE.
To recap, I must go back to April 6, 2011.  We were in St. Louis, Missouri, at the Marriott Hotel.  Our flights were the next day, so we (me, my husband John, son John4, and daughter Erin) found ourselves with a few hours of daylight to do something in the city.  John4 said, “Hey, I heard about this ‘City Museum’.  Let’s go there!” With the enthusiasm of young children, we piled into the car and took off.
One of the re-bar tunnels
The Droid took us there.  Driving through abandoned industrial buildings covered with graffiti did not look promising.  Rows of tall brick buildings looked through their empty dust-covered windows out on the river and us. 
Man meets elephant
Trust the Droid, use the force.  Rounding a corner, there it was: the City Museum.  It had been another industrial building, which once produced all matter of fabric goods back in the late 1800s and into the 1950s.  Then it closed down, along with the many blocks of other brick buildings.
While those buildings stared blankly, this ‘City Museum’ had been purchased by an artist/architect, who took it, shook it, and turned it inside out and upside down.  The result was a charming and incredible ten-story ‘museum’ and playground still camouflaged by ancient bricks.
The Monster Slide: just get out of the way at the bottom!
We wandered through this place in awe usually experienced only by children.  There is a fantastic slide, we were told.  Go this way, climb up those stairs, and keep climbing.  For ten stories, keep climbing, and you will find the slide.
7 story high pipe organ
Human hamster wheel
We did exactly that, with John4 striding in the lead and John-husband grumbling in the rear.  Up the winding staircase, we climbed and climbed, until we reached the shiny slide.  John4 plopped himself on the spiral slippery slide, and we heard his laughter drop down the many floors.  Then Erin flung herself down the tube, screaming all the way.  Then I took my turn.  And finally John-husband reluctantly joined us.
We'll try this first.
This is where things went wrong for me.  The rubber sole of my right heel caught on the slide and twisted my ankle. 
We finished up the day at the museum, went back to hotel, where I iced my ankle and sent John4 to get Ace bandages to wrap the now swollen and throbbing right ankle.
Come to me...I'll help you!
Two months later, the ankle still was swollen and throbbing.  Purple capillaries spread out like spider webs over the pain, and reminded me that I wasn’t 18 or 28 or 38 or 48, or even 58 anymore.

My doctor x-rayed it last week, found that the end of the tibia had a splinter break.  Now I stand tall, because the boot wrap I wear adds about 1.8 inches to my height. 

I wonder if I can look at the height-weight charts can count that 1.8 inches and give me a break in my weight.  I sure could use a better ‘break’ now.


  1. Well that was a miserable way to end a fun day...and you are still paying the price. I wouldn't let it stop me from going down that slide again though..just take off your shoes next time.

  2. awww that is something that would happen to me! That place looks awesome though. sorry about your injury. hope you feel better soon! No more slides for you young lady! Blessings, Joanne

  3. Awesome post, Susan!...But I'm so sorry about the break and the pain! Sending love your way..feel better soon!

  4. Sounded like fun till.....

    Keep the boot, the one I had a few years ago from something stupid that I did has now been passed on to 4 people. Something good came from it as people were helped through my klutziness.

  5. I have never been down a slide that long. Your boot however brought memories of the time I didn't see a little grey cat on my porch and rolled over it's tail and fractured my ankle. lol

  6. Oh no! Such a harsh end to a fund day. I hope your foot feels better soon.

  7. OH my gosh, two months later. You're such a tough woman!

    That place sounds amazing though. I wish I could go there.

  8. I was shocked when she told me she was hit but she was laughing so hard I couldn't help but laugh with her.
    She told me this morning that she learned two things last night.
    1 that the Bible comes in hard cover
    2 that used improperly the Bible can really hurt.


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