Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Gonna Happen!

“It’s gonna happen!”  Truer words have never been spoken, and certainly never by an 18 month old brilliant little girl. 

Bright Eyes started talking very early; in fact, she was barely ten months old when she turned to her parents and asked, “Where BAH go?”  BAH was her word for “pacifier” or “binky”.  They blinked a few times and told her that bah was by the TV.  She turned, saw it, and picked it up.

Since then, Bright Eyes has been a talking machine, able to hold her own with just about any adult. Her pediatrician says he’s never encountered such a verbally gifted child, I write with my ample chest inflated in humble pride.

It's gonna happen.
When Bright Eyes was 18 months old, her father was settled in the rocking chair, playing with my daughter's Game Boy ™  while watching Bright Eyes and the newborn Sunshine.  Bright Eyes looked up from putting all her stuffed animals down for naps, shook her head, and told him that “…Mama doesn’t like it when you play with her toys.  You’re gonna get in trouble.” 

Daddy was taken aback, and told her that Mama would not mind if he played with the Game Boy.  But Bright Eyes was not impressed.  She didn’t even look up at him.  “You’re gonna get in trouble,” and then she sighed.  “It’s gonna happen!”

Apparently, Bright Eyes had learned this lesson, and heard that phrase many times before.  She was simply sharing this bit of wisdom she had amassed in her one-and-a-half years of life.
One way, my way!

Now, whenever there is a possibility of negative outcome, that is our own catch phrase, “It’s gonna happen.”  When we need a good laugh after dropping a plate of spaghetti on the carpet, we say, “It’s gonna happen.”  When Sunshine and Bright Eyes are standing eye to eye, and there is blood in the air, I tell them, “It’s gonna happen” and the battle scales down. 

You can borrow this phrase if you want. 


  1. From experience with my own verbally gifted child I can tell you that once they start talking they NEVER shut up. After a while you start to question the "gifted" part of that phrase. Sometimes it does make the hair stand up on the back of your neck though.

  2. Wow - this reminds me of Roald Dahl's ;Matilda.' :o)

  3. Cool kid. This reminds me of that old story about the kid who never spoke at all until he was ten, when he up and said "the casserole needs to be re-heated." Johnny, you've never spoken before! This is wonderful! What got into you? "Up until now, everything has been satisfactory."

  4. I love that - may well have to borrow it at some point... maybe she'll be a writer!

  5. I'm gonna borrow it--it's gonna happen LOL! I LOVE this. Sometimes it is just better to smile. :0) Kids are soooo awesome.

  6. Love this story! I'll certainly be using it!

  7. I meant I'd be using the phrase, not the story! : )

  8. This is a wonderful story! And your little Bright Eyes sounds like she's got a lot of emotional intelligence wrapped up in all that brilliance. Special girl.

  9. I liked your "it's gonna happen" story. Made my morning!

    The Write Soil

  10. I love it when kids phrases turn into family 'traditions'! We have a few--not quite so amazing as this though. What a clever little girl!

  11. A lovely story, I will be stealing this phrase ;)
    thank you for checking out my cup cake recipe, I hope you love them. The blackberry icing is yummy. I haven't forgotten about your lavender ones, Im just struggling to find the actual lavender. If it wasn't such a key ingredient I would do without :). In the mean time, I've just put up a peanut butter and jelly cupcake recipe, if that takes your fancy.

  12. That's so cute! ^_^ Thanks for sharing the story with us.


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